When you’ve got nothing to do you create something to do… Old Swedish saying.

I’ve doodled little creatures on paper everywhere. I do them when I’m on the train and got nothing else to do. Those random drawings that pop up in your head and come out on paper because you’ve got nothing else to do.


I’ve done several of these on empty pages of my diary, pages that I fill with my writing later on.

I took my little drawings to the office… and made several copies in the copy machine. I made some enlargements, then I did a few copies to colored papers. I ended up with a whole pile of copies of my drawings. I took them home and colored them while listening to even more audio books!

Blue cat

One of my drawing of a little cat was copied to blue paper. Then I cut it out and glued into my diary like a personal sticker!


Drawings on white paper was colored with my favorite India inks (a few sets of Berol pens), then glued in colored paper and cut out again…

Ritat och f?rglagt oktober 2008
Creatures floating around in my mind… View Size 1024 x 723! Feel free to use this image as your computer desktop background; right click and chose Use as desktop background from the menu that pops up! :-O

Why I did all this work? Please, do not ask. I don’t know. But as I cut them out I considered them stickers and I’m thinking of designing some stickers (black and white for you to color) to add to my etsy shop… The idea came from the work with these so maybe that was the point of creating? To get my hands moving and creative thoughts going, hatching new ideas to develop? I love stickers and I still collect them just as fondly as I did when I was a child!

I wonder if anyone else thinks they will make nice stickers? Please let me know if you want iHanna Designed stickers in your life?! :-)

Here is another image I created in July to use as Desktop Background in your computer. I don’t know if you saw it back then? I love it!
iHanna desktop background July 2008
Be inspired – by others at flickr. To use it click on the size you need 1024 x 594 or original size to see it all as close as possible; 4378 x 2538!

Doecor8 Holly wrote about a online wallpaper project called Kindred recently and I had to check it out. Right now my favorite is this one by Jennifer Causey (with the lovely blog Simply photo!) because it reminds me of winter+the holidays coming up… Soon!