A Box of Papers and autumn in Sweden

Autumn in Sweden by iHanna, photo copyright by Hanna Andersson

It’s autumn in Sweden. Well actually, today we are going into Winter Time, setting our clocks back an hour to get more lights in the mornings… But where I am we haven’t had any snow yet, so I’m enjoying the autumn still, as best I can.

Autumn in Sweden - Two friends hanging out together by iHanna, photo copyright by Hanna Andersson

I do not like how early it gets dark outside, or the winds howling all day today, but on when the sun comes out and you smell wet grass and see schrooms popping up here and there, it’s lovely. I enjoy the change of seasons, and try to find time for a few photo walks as the season changes. Here are some photos from a previous, less windy, day.

Autumn in Sweden, and you find Schrooms in the lawn, blog post by iHanna, photo copyright by Hanna Andersson

Autumn in Sweden - Big red leafs by iHanna, photo copyright by Hanna Andersson

Two autumn friends by iHanna, photo copyright by Hanna Andersson

Also on my list of things to share: I got a wonderfully big box of random papers recently, and I have already started using it in my journals. So yummy!

Random Act of Kindness

It is one of my blog readers who bestowed this pile of paper to me. She sent an e-mail and asked if I could use some of her paper stash as she was moving, and downsizing.

Happy Paper Pile by iHanna, photo copyright by Hanna Andersson

And as you might guess, I said yes. I have a hard time saying no to any art material, papers, stickers or ephemera of any sort. So she sent me this RAK, a whole shoe box of yummy papers. Here are just a few of my favorites.

Paper Pile I got in RAK by iHanna, photo copyright by Hanna Andersson

Among magazine clippings, strange labels saved and big sheets of hand made paper I found a sheet of pink elephant stickers.

Pink Velvet Elephant Stickers by iHanna, a childhood memory lane ticket - photo copyright by Hanna Andersson

Finding them totally through me back in time, to when I was a kid and bought small sheets of stickers from a roll in the local office supply and book store. It was one of my places then too, and then they had a whole corner of sticker rolls, some with velvet stickers exactly like these. Flash back indeed. I haven’t thought about (or remembered) those stickers in years.

Happy Paper Pile by iHanna, photo copyright by Hanna Andersson

Did you have any stickers when you where a kid? I still have (the few unused) parts of my sticker collection in the same After Eight Chocolate box somewhere…

Autumn Leaves by iHanna, photo copyright by Hanna Andersson

Happy Autumn and following Winter-Saving-Time to you guys, if you have it too where you are?

Have a great week!

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  1. OOOh, such lovely photos!! We’ve set our time here in Norway, too. And this morning we were met with snow and it is still snowing in Trondheim. Wishing you a great day!

  2. Thank you for sharing your gorgeous autumn and new yummy paper stash photos! So much fun! I’m counting down the days until Christmas, my favorite time of year! We have Daylight Savings Time in America, too, but we won’t change our clocks until next weekend. (When we lived in Okinawa, there was no DST, so we never had to remember to change our clocks. We didn’t miss it, but that was our opinion.) Wishing you a truly happy winter season!!

  3. I’m reading this in the depths of winter in Alberta, Canada, with about two feet of snow on the ground but I had to say that I love those little mushrooms you posted! They’re magical!

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