yellow big leaf phone photo by iHanna

the road is so beautiful

Photos from a Cellular Autumn walk.

Testing out the camera and some fun app (can’t remember what it was called) on a friends smart phone (htc desire) last weekend. It was such a lovely autumn day, so while taking a long walk I was snapping photos of everything and trying different fun “cameras” on the phone. I’m glad I’ve got these photos (+that blister under my foot) to remember that walk by.

brown ground

I hope you too are enjoying nature and its changing ways.


I know I say this about every new season, but I think autumn is my favorite season right now. It is so beautiful everywhere!

mossy tree

leaf on the ground

yellow leaves

it is autumn again

my new mittens


forest view I like


more trees that I want to save and take with me home



true black and white place

what do you want intruder

we're leaving now

the road ahead

iHanna in leaf

my hand
Bye bye, for now.