Spotted Photo Theme: My Bridge to Nature

October’s Spotted Photo Theme is Nature! I doubt there is anyone who doesn’t love that stuff. If you have a camera you have photographed in nature at some point. I know I do it a lot. Among other things I love to notice the shifting seasons. The change of season always inspires me to go out and look at nature.

Pink Bridge

I actually found I have several photo themes inspired by nature, but the one I’ve been thinking about this month is the theme of where I live: close to a water-filled bustling canal. I wish I had a deep forest or ocean nearby but I don’t. Instead I live at the intersection of rail roads, train stations, roads, several big industrial areas and a canal where big cargo boats pass daily. It’s an intersection of traffic, and when I thought of it like that I realized how much I like those intersections. I love when nature meets the urban atmosphere. It’s even more interesting to me than, say, just greenery or water.

I love seeing architecture meet the wild, or even being overgrown by nature. I like all the structures and columns of man built bridges, roads that rise over water and ground. Love it! So that’s my theme, and because this is where I take my daily walks, this is what I often photograph.


Top of the world bridge
Nature and rust. Pavement and rain. Bridge and sky. High and low.

And here are some more photos from my close surroundings and walkabouts, divided into seasons. first we’ve got summer:

Blue Canal
spotted photo theme
Bridge Opening
Gångbron in pink


Forever bridge
Water and lines
Parkinglot from above
Haziors hästar
My favorite boat
My hometown


Winter view
Bridge in Winter Colors
Winter Mirror
Swedish winter evening

Spring time:

Walkabout spring 2013

What themes do you spot in your photographs? Join the fun: Spotted Photo Theme - inspired by iHanna at
And then it starts over again, and I keep walking along the canal, over bridges, under bridges. This is where I placed back stones last summer, where I see the first autumn leaves and further down the canal, once spotted magical winter trees.

So October’s theme is Nature – does that inspire you? What elements or views of nature are you photographing most often? Do you return to the ocean, to flowers, to the forest, are you looking up at the sky – or down the hill from where you live? Try finding a nature theme for October, and post a link to your blog post below. Also link back to this post, thanks. Tammy has posted her nature theme here.

Last month I posted my favorite color pink. Next month is November: graffiti (street art, found posters, etc), suggested by Tammy. Got confused there, thought it was Vehicles (pick a favorite theme, I’ll probably go with bikes), but we’ll save that one for next year.

Upcoming in December: Something Christmassy spotted from year to year, and January 2015: Darkness and Light.

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  1. I love when urban meets nature, too! This is why I’ve loved living in beautiful cities like Chicago, Denver, and now Cleveland. Yes, Cleveland–I am continuously surprised at the tree-lined streets of this city, especially the outskirts.

  2. Beautiful pictures, Hanna! I could almost picture myself taking a walk there myself as I looked down through the pics. : )

  3. Wonderful photos. Thank you for sharing. I love the canal shots. Looks so peaceful.

  4. I love your winter photographs the very best! Perhaps because your winters are so different from our winters. Thank you for sharing.

  5. Oops…forgot about this meme for October. Will do the November one with motorcycles I think!
    Great series of photos…I love seeing the seasons as they change.

    • Thanks a lot for your kind words about my photos, it means a lot to me that you took the time to look and leave a comment – and also share your photos within this theme.

      Yay nature, how awesome and rich it is for photographers like us.

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