The desire to do something because you find it deeply satisfying and personally challenging inspires the highest levels of creativity, whether it’s in the arts, sciences, or business.
Teresa Amabile

Art Journal detail: See Me

One of the themes in my current Art Journals are patterns. The past two years I’ve, without consciously thinking about it, created a lot of pattern. It wasn’t a decision, it just happened. But now that I look back, I can see the theme, much as is true with photography. Patterns emerge when you take a step back.

My Art Journal is becoming a book of patterns.

Art Journal detail: Rows of pattern

There are lines, rows, and lots of circles. Hearts, flowers and dots…

Art Journal detail: Rows + Heart

Rows of circles. Rows of hearts. Happy patterns, because creating patterns makes me happy. Here is the full spread:

Art Journal: Patterns and Flowers

And a thought:

Can a pattern change the world?

And another thought: if you allow anything to happen in the same book, the “main book” of Art Journaling that you’re working in, different patterns/themes will emerge in it. If you decide from the beginning on a theme, it’s going to contain only that theme. The natural flow of the daily creativity won’t happen, because the book has it’s own rules. Do you agree, or do you have another experience of themed art journaling?