Stoned Doodles

H want to show you my doodled stone, before I release the back into nature.

Doodles on stone

There are extremely many stones featured in my last post and I think it’s because stones have been on my mind. These two I picked up a while back when I was out walking. I carried them with me back home and sat them on my table. Then I doodled on them, starting in the middle and going outwards and all around each stone, like a mandala drawing. I used a permanent marker with a fine point tip.

Hello dear stones
You could do a lot more with these, like colouring them first, painting them, sprinkle them with glitter, signing them with your street tag handle… But I wanted them to look like stones, stones that somebody had picked up and transformed.

When I was done, I decided to let them be free…

I went for another walk, a few days later, and re-release my doodled stones “in the wild”…

Street Art Light
A Stone set free (doodled stone by @ihanna)

It’s a very light version of street art… a gentle whisper version of graffiti.

Hello nature // Hej i naturen (doodled stone by iHanna)

Almost invisible if you don’t pay close attention.

Placing them back in their natural habitat felt good. I hope someone will take note of them, bend down to take a closer look – and smile.

Doodled stone by @ihanna #streetart

I hope they will make you smile. On my next walk I will pick up a few more stones.

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12 Responses to Stoned Doodles

  1. Eugenie says:

    So pretty and creative! It’s amazing what you can do with nature :)

  2. Corinna says:

    I love that idea! Made me smile :)

  3. sandra dorey says:

    Doodle-bombing – -fabulous!

  4. Andria says:

    These are great, Hanna! I love the idea that you “re-released them” back into the wild!

  5. Patricia says:

    Oh these stones sure did make me smile!! LOVE this! And what made me smile even more was that you set them back in their environment! Oh the lucky person who finds one!! :)

  6. Sue says:

    Oh, wow, I love these!!!

  7. MissyK says:

    They made me smile!

    Karen x

  8. Jana says:

    So funny – I just did the same with some white ink on pebbles I brought home from our trip to Southern Sweden… though I didn’t release any (yet)

    I’ll haven’t been around town much recently, but if I am, I sure will look out – perhaps I’ll find one :)
    Sweet idea! (…have you heard about letterboxing?!…)

  9. pam harris says:

    I just adore this idea!!! We have so many many stream rounded stones here and what a brilliant way to add a bit of unexpected art and whimsy to the garden in summer or nooks and crannies in winter!

  10. Lilymelba says:

    I think this is a truly lovely idea…

  11. meplusmolly says:

    Loving your doodled stones, looking great. Simple, striking and effective. Kirsty

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