Nyponstudie 3

Dear Autumn,
I love how colorful you are – and ever changing. I know you prophesying a much colder season but still you yourself are so full of warm colours and beautiful sunshine.

Autumn flowers
Love that the bushes are full of small yellow sunshine flowers. I looked it up and they’re called Shrubby Cinquefoil (Ölandstok).

Nypon 2

I love that the rose hip berries (nypon) shine in the sun, and colour the world even after the first frost night.

Shrubby Cinquefoil

I love that you bring late flowers and even berries.

Lines of red

I love that even though the leaves on the trees are actually dying they look more alive than ever.

Autumn leafs
Autumn again

Thank you for making me want to take a walk with the camera.


Thank you for all the lovely photo ops you give!


I love that your colours, sweet autumn, is red and yellow.

Red and yellow

And that even urban walks sparkle with yellow light when you’re around.

Sunshine afternoon

You are my favorite season, dear autumn. Thanks for coming once again.

kind regards