Just look at this beautiful Pullip Doll, isn’t she adorable?

Pullip doll cuteness photo by iHanna

She belongs to a friend that has a small collection of three Pullip dolls, a brand from Japan. I had to take some photos because I think they are just so cute! If you’re not into dolls, skip this post.

I have never meet a Blythe doll nor a Pullip doll until I saw these and I am truly in love, though I promised myself not to become a collector. Yet. Though I would love to have a photo shoot with some dolls when summer comes around. Or how about bringing out my own collection of Barbie dolls and play with them and my camera for while… What fun I would have sitting outside, dressing them up. Who wants to join at my doll party this summer?

These dolls are kind of made to be styled, fashioned and allowed to enter the cat walk, don’t you think?

Read on for a few more of my photos and some Pullip facts that you might not know about!

Pullip doll cuteness

Pullip doll cuteness

Big eyes

Pullip doll cuteness

I did a little research on Pullip dolls online and then had to make another category in my blog. I think I need to stop adding new subjects soon. Anyway…

Pullip Doll Facts

Did you know…

  • …that these dolls come from Japan and are influenced by urban design and Anime genres?
  • Pullip dolls were created in 2003 by the JUN Planning company and are collected all over the world through the Internet.
  • The Anime look in dolls has been big for several years and are popular with fashion doll collectors.
  • Blythe dolls are also very famous among doll collectors, but Pullip dolls are cheaper and you can change eye color, wigs and body parts on these dolls too.
  • Pullip dolls are about 12 inches tall and have over-sized heads and eyes that makes them cute like puppies! Or what do you think?
  • Their big eyes can wink at you, and their body have more than 30 points of articulation.
  • I totally admire grown ups that collect toys and don’t feel they need to explain why.

Cutness overload

These are some photos I found at Flickr:

Pullip dolls - some favorites of mine found on FLICKR, collected by iHanna
See more Pullip doll photos on Flickr.

My favorite doll is this girl though, with her coffee next to her and her big glasses and pig tails… Kawaii! She looks so much like me right now:

Back to Work...
My Pullip doll-look-alike-girl! :-)