I was feeling low on energy and very depressed. Going into the bookstore didn’t help, neither did buying a new white journal with a cover print that looks like lace. You can not buy happiness, it comes in strange and unexpected ways. I know this but I still try every now and then.

Parker fountain pen
Then I splurged on a gray Parker pen too but even that didn’t make me smile. I was thinking of going into a caf? to write in my journal, but I walked home instead and went to bed. Maybe it was sleep that I needed most. I seem to be suffering from sleep deprivation right now.

It wasn’t until later when I pulled out the plastic ink cartridge and placed it (with a little click) inside the pen that I started smiling inside. Then I let the pen nib touch the paper and a feeling of joy came to me. Like a rush of old memories it came; the joy of writing with a real fountain pen! The joy of creating those connecting lines that say something. How it swirls over the paper as I write, how the ink flows out of the pen without pressure… It’s a pen that is made for falling in love with! It makes me fall in love both with writing and my own handwriting!

Most people hate their own handwriting
, and that is just too sad. I think it’s time that we all learn to love our penmanship because it is uniquely our own and perfect as it is!

I think the script style was created with a fountain pen and should be done with a fountain pen. The flow of the letters comes so much more easily with a pen like this! It’s made for writing long letters to your friends or pouring out your brain into your journal!

Cartridges and penI have had several cheap ones but I don’t know where they are – it’s been years since I wrote with them. This Parker pen is expensive for being a tool to “just scribble with”, but it’s very cheap in comparison with what you can get if you’re a pen addict with lots of money! I couldn’t afford a pen that gets reviews and are loved for years and years… But a fountain pen that writes well right now doesn’t have to cost a fortune. This one didn’t and I love it!

The paper needs to be of good consistency (porous) so a fountain pen will not be great on magazine clippings or glossy pages. Though I’ve tried it on gesso in my Art Journal and it works fine (though the black tend to become gray as the gesso does soak up a lot of the ink!), but don’t let it come near glue or crayons of any kind!

My pen came in a little plastic “box” that makes it feel a bit like everyday luxury! It’s not a classical flat-nibbed calligraphy pen that I’m talking about here. I think those often get stuck in the paper grain as they are made for slow angled lines. Mine are crocked (destroyed) from eager writing and quick thoughts. This is a round-nibbed one for scribbles! I ♥ that!