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Art journal peek: Red calligraphy ink

Testing out some red calligraphy ink on a page. It came in a bottle and I used a dip nib to write and doodle this page. Then I coloured around everything with some watercolours. The right page is a taped in postcard with a Greek antique owl illustration. I got the postcard from a co-worker […]

I own a Lamy Safari

I’ve been wanting this fountain pen for a few years, hearing only good things about it. And now I own one. It’s called Lamy Safari and I got it from Jetpens (which was a really bad idea because when it came through customs I had to pay toll for it)! So it is a very […]

Inkblot exercise: What do you see?

My inkblot number 1. What do you see? I have learned how to do something called “inkblots” by Leah Piken Kolidas of Creative Every Day. I was so inspired after watching one of her videos I had to make my own, at once! Then when I had my inkblots I was staring at them for […]