Carbon ink

Finally the blue ink cartridge that came with my new lamy safari fountain pen is empty!

Lucky me I also ordered a refillable ink converter and a bottle of black carbon ink at the same time I got the pen from Jetpens! What is a fountain pen if you can’t fill it with new ink, right? And the exchange was easy to do. I even managed to change the nib after some pulling. The nib that the pen came with is round and called “F”. The new one is a size 1.1 with a flat tip that creates a more calligraphy like writing style. It’s not super broad but enough to make twisting more fun. I so love it! Love the black ink and the interchangeable nibs, and can’t wait to start some new doodles with it.

This is what the refillable ink thing looks like (named Lamy Fountain Pen Z 24 Converter if you need one). To use it you just dip it into the ink, fill it and then plug it in and you are ready to write with your awesome fountain pen. Or sketch. Or doodle. Or make random marks. Or all of it at once. :-)

Happy writing folks!