Imperfection holds quite a bit of joy, I think. Practice doesn’t always make perfect, and that’s okay. Actually, it’s more than okay – it’s part of being human. Machines make “perfect”: people make art.
Paula Bogdan*

Opening the candy up

Making art and craft is always awesome, but that is not always true for the tools, supplies or materials you get. And boring supplies are not as fun to work with, right? Some are just plain crap, and should be tossed at once… though they often linger in drawers and boxes instead of being trashed (or even better, given a new home at a local flea market). But when you do find awesome supplies, I think that is something to share and celebrate. Hence the post about pink dymo tape, and today, a post about a few new green watercolours I bought – with artist quality! Artist quality is more expensive, but has more pigment and therefore is richer to paint with. Yum!

It's green, like nature

I bought Green olive, Oxide of Chromium, Sap green & Payne’s gray and decided to make a test/evidence page while opening up the tiny coloring boxes. I went to my square spiral bound journal and started adding fields of color from each box.

Trying out Oxiside of Chromium
Oxide of Chromium is a dark green, like the deep forest where mossy stones live in the shadow.

Sweet sap green
Sweet sap green! So lush and beautiful, full of summer and singing birds hiding everywhere.

Colour testing the greens
Finished page where I’ve added some collage elements and each colours label. But hmm… to make it into a finished evidence page I need notes, right?

There you go:
Peek into iHanna's art journal: green test page
All colour names and numbers noted, and what I like and don’t like about each colour. An Evidence Page inspired by the one and only DaVinci and his science and artistic notebook style.

Watercolours is a must have when you journal, and if you haven’t tried it yet I encourage you to do so.

I think they’re awesome art supplies!