Every time I’m in Stockholm I visit a shop called Flying Tiger Copenhagen. It’s a chain store of cheap but cute Danish design originating from Copenhagen. I first discovered a store in Gothenburg, but for a few years now we’ve had one in central Stockholm and a few others popping up around here in suburb malls. Yay!

New Flying Tiger Traveler's Notebooks blogged by iHanna #flyingtiger #flyingtigercopenhagen

I like it because they sell cheap, cute and fun designs for home decorating, kitchen, toys but best of all, they have a big variety of stationary and notebooks. Maybe it’s not the highest quality on some of their things, but I still like it. I always enjoy browsing through everything new there, and picking out a couple of pens or a pad of patterned paper.

Polka dot Whale Stickers photo copyright Hanna Andersson / blogged by iHanna #flyingtiger #flyingtigercopenhagen

Last time I was there I was looking for a kind of Traveler’s Notebook that I heard they had in stock, but they were sold out already! I was so disappointed, but got a couple of stickers instead. Then a few days later my friend Maria sent me two of the Traveler’s Notebook, found in her local Flying Tiger shop! Yay!

I was so happy to get these! Mostly because I was so curious about how they looked and felt, and what the cover was made out of.

Two new Traveler's notebook blogged by iHanna #flyingtiger #flyingtigercopenhagen
Traveler's Notebook notebooks x 2 - regular size blogged by iHanna #flyingtiger #flyingtigercopenhagen

Flying Tiger Copenhagen Traveler’s Notebooks

They sold a couple of designs and I got two different ones. The first one is pink with palm trees (my favorite of course) and the other has a dark turquoise cover with thin lines in a kind of diamond shape.

Each cover contains a craft paper folder, an envelope with string closure and two different notebooks. One of the notebooks has lined pages and the other one comes with grid pages, something that I’ve come to love so much in the past years.

Traveler's Notebook envelope - regular size blogged by iHanna #flyingtiger #flyingtigercopenhagen
Traveler's Notebook folder - regular size blogged by iHanna #flyingtiger #flyingtigercopenhagen

I love New Notebooks

The notebook cover has two elastics inside, and it’s made out of laminated card-stock. The inside has a velvety feel, like a brown leather although it’s some kind of synthetic material. They feel great in my hand, and I look forward to start filling them up with the stuff of life.

I doubt they will hold up as good as my own plastic DIY Traveler’s Notebook covers, but it’s fun to have a variety of notebooks to play with.

Flying Tiger Traveler's Notebooks blogged by iHanna #flyingtiger #flyingtigercopenhagen

Have you ever visited a Flying Tiger Copenhagen shop where you live (previously named TGR or Tiger)? I know they have stores all around the world. Or do you have a favorite stationary store near you?

I live in Sweden, and my dream holiday include loads of money and big empty bags as I go shop in stores I’ve only heard of and seen online; like Daiso, Michaels, Hobby Lobby, JoAnn’s Fabrics, and all of those huge American craft shops. One day maybe I will see them IRL.

Prepping pages in my new Traveler's Notebook blogged by iHanna #flyingtiger #flyingtigercopenhagen

New notebooks are always a treat for me, since I am a notebook addict. Maybe it’s a good thing I can only visit smaller craft shops here in Sweden… Anyway. I already started working in the grid insert, prepping pages with a background of watercolor paper because I think I’ll use it for some kind of journaling….

Prepping journal pages for writing blogged by iHanna #flyingtiger #flyingtigercopenhagen

Wishing you a happy weekend.

Hope you’re filling your own notebook(s) and journals, or making some DIY Postcards this weekend.

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