Practice how to draw in your Art Journal too

Those who do not want to imitate anything, produce nothing.
/Salvador Dali

I did not accomplish my goal to fill my handmade Art Journal this summer, but I’m about half way through it now. I’m using it to learn it to learn how to draw and paint from other artists. There is so much to learn from their style, and once you know something more you can make it your own.

Halloween pages 2009
My book with it’s watercolor paper is perfect for sketching with pencil. This is where this summer I’ve been painting SuziBlu inspired Petit Doll Girls quite a lot, both in acrylic and watercolors. I love this journal so much, because each page I make is a surprise to me. I don’t know what will come out on the page. These pages are October themed, even though I’m posting them late, and the skull inspired by artist Theresa Smyth and her Dia de los Muertos art that I ♥ (check out Theresa’s Etsy shop, it’s filled with fab things)!

I don’t have a drawing habit and I don’t draw much from life, but this summer I’ve given myself time to practice. Just listening an hour to the radio and sketching a face, then coloring it in with watercolors. I’ve been enjoying this new to me way of creating more than I can say. The happiness bubbles up from inside when I draw and color. When you create “faces” or little “people” you kind of fall in love with your characters, hence fall in love with life. It’s magic and quite wonderful.

I want to post photos of my own experience of Day of the Dead as soon as I get them edited, and lots of other fun photos and projects too, so stay tuned!

And keep creating!

* Oh, I found another video showing how to make a 31 days journal in a very easy way, using tape as the spine, at Artiste Nouveau. Check it out if you want to try to make your own art journal.

*If you’ve caught The Teesha Bug you should also check out the Zettiology group at for more Teesha inspired art. Her style is called zettiology, did you know? You can join this group and add your own art there, and even find some Teesha kind of free collage sheets to download and print. That’s a quick way to become inspired by others too. Nice!

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  1. I fell in love with Day of the Dead this year, it?s a wonderful holiday, both sad and joyous. But I see that you was way ahead of me again… I did a painting in memory of my mum and my cats this year, I think I?ll do this as a tradition, do a memorial painting every DOTD. I also tried to do petite dolls before I did Suzi?s workshop, I must say that mine looked a bit wonky… But when you learn Suzi?s techniques, it?s so simple, and they turn out so pretty. So far, it?s the best thing I?ve ever done, taking Suzi?s workshops. But I also want to learn other styles and techniques, so only time will tell what I?ll do next…

    Yes, doodles… I need to practice more, so that?s what I plan to do, have a pad in my bag, and in front of the TV (I never watch though… I?m always at the computer), and then doodle, a lot. But I found a fast “cheat” way to doodle – rub ons, swirly rub ons, works great!

  2. I love the girl in your journal spread – isnpired by Suziblu perhaps, but definitely Hanna ! Always fuin to push ourselves to try new things isn’t it ? Good luck with the drawing !

  3. There are so many wonderful and inspiring artists and *YOU* are one of them. What a fabulous journal. Teesha’s latest videos are a great primer for trying out her style. I’ve done very little in the way of zettilology. So many techniques and ideas and so little time!

    Thanks for always sharing great links.

  4. Thank you for this idea! I should defenitely try art journaling – it looks like a lot of fun. Thank you for interesting links as well!

  5. You have me hooked on suzi blu also aside from other artists you introduced us to. It’s wonderful and I am grateful for sharing them to us. Btw, I bought your book from and waiting by the door for fedex guy.

  6. Hi, it’s good to have you back on the blog :) glad to know you try drawing, it’s a freeing experience! I don’t know if you know about him, but Danny Gregory wrote a book called The Creative License: Giving yourself the permission to be the artist you really are. This book is what inspired me to keep an art journal and draw as much as possible, so much that I have two copies: one for me and one to loan (not sure of the right word here) people. Anyway, he has a blog here and you can easily find his books on amazon, they aren’t very expensive :)

  7. Drawing is such a mystery. It seems like you would just be making marks, but then you find yourself in a state of love.

  8. Thanks for your lovely comments girls!

    Helena, yes please try art journaling. You simply must! :-)

    Gabrielle, search my blog for Gregory and I think you’ll find he is read and mentioned in a couple of posts here… But thanks, it’s great advice for anyone interested in drawing!

    Zom, yes I agree – beautifully put and so true. Maybe true not only for drawing, but for creating in general (at least for me). You are just “doing” and then you look up and are amazed at your creation… :-)

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