Inspiration from Syfestivalen in Stockholm

Syfestivalen is Swedish and means “Festival of Sewing”. These days it is actually called Sewing and Craft Festival, but I think I’ll just keep calling it the short and sweet Syfestivalen for ever. It’s arranged twice each year in Älvsjö, just outside Stockholm, in a big convention center there. We went this weekend, and those of you that follow me on Instagram and check stories there, got a little video peak of it all when I walked though the convention hall. But if you missed it there (it’s only available for 24 hours on instagram) you are in luck today.

iHanna at Syfestivalen (quilt, knit & fabric inspirations) blogged by @ihanna #syfestivalen

I took a lot of big camera photos, and thought I’d share Syfestivalen with you guys here too, because there were just so much yummy things to see there. Get ready for inspiration in colors, patterns, texture and crafts…

Collecting inspiration at the Swedish Sewing Festival, Stockholm blogged by @ihanna #syfestivalen

I’v been sewing a bit with the fabrics I bought most recently, and realized I have too much material for my tiny space, so I tried to restraint myself from buying too much. I got a few papers and stickers in the relatively small scrapbooking area, and then a few small pieces of matching fabrics, but mostly I enjoyed the displays and finished items, like knitted socks and color-coordinated fabric:

Pretty Fabric Display FQ blogged by @ihanna #syfestivalen

Next time, if I’m sewing more regularly, I think I’ll consider getting a matched set of fabrics in a jelly roll or a scrap bag, because they are so darling easy to work with:

Fabric candy bag blogged by @ihanna #syfestivalen

So much lovely things to see and be amazed at. I had no idea you could buy this many different EPP pieces!

Crafty cuteness: crochet, EPP and polka dot inspiration blogged by @ihanna #syfestivalen

I enjoyed taking a closer look at a few quilts that adorned the booths, luring people to buy more fabric, pattern books or exiting new tools:

Quilting inspiration on the walls blogged by @ihanna #syfestivalen

Love being a Fabriholic

Are you a fabriholic too? I’m definitely and have always been. I can never get enough of the colors and cute patterns, and I drooled quite a bit over some of the fabrics on display, especially the jerseys that are available in a gazillion cute prints these days. Most of them are for sewing baby clothes I guess (they were even chopped up in smaller pieces at some places), but I wouldn’t mind sewing for myself with them. Though I bought a super cute jersey print last year, I’ll post about it another day…

Take a look at these pretties:

Who is a Fabriholic, but why that would be me blogged by @ihanna #syfestivalen

Modern, vintage, happy, artistic, playful and über cute fabrics everywhere. And fun patterns outside the booths too, among the crowd I spotted these:

Dra maten väskor / Pull the fabric home - bags blogged by @ihanna #syfestivalen

The Color Play yarn was so soft, and diyed in some lovely colors:

Colour Play (Färgspel) by Erika and Tant Kofta, photo by @ihanna blogged by @ihanna #syfestivalen

I was very tempted to get some yarn, especially after seeing the knitted mittens and caps on display, but I resisted. I was strong. I did not give in to cravings (this time).

Wooly wonders and yumminess seen and blogged by @ihanna #syfestivalen

And finally, the ribbon display was crazy! You wanted them all, but really, what would you do with these ribbons? Except maybe… just look at them and admire them glimmering in the light…

Ribbons galore at Syfestivalen 2017 blogged by @ihanna #syfestivalen

Just having a regular camera lens again for my Nikon makes me so happy! It’s truly lovely to be able to take photos like these and collect inspiration with your camera. I think I over-did the whole documenting this event a bit, but what the heck, it didn’t hurt anyone and I enjoyed it so much.

I hope you liked it too?

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  1. Oh my goodness, thank you so much for sharing your gorgeous photography with us!! Loved all the bright, happy colors – and all the wonderful, wonderful fabrics! There are days I think I could happily live inside a fabric store. Fabric just makes me so happy – happy colors and fun patterns, and all that potential just waiting to be discovered! Thanks for all the inspiration!

  2. Oh my gosh, I would have LOVED to have gone to this but think if I had, I would not have a lot of self control. lol I was eyeing the yarn [something I use every day!] and also I loved all the fabrics but don’t collect them.

    I too have a very small apartment [it’s an efficiency one, meaning that I don’t even have a bedroom!] so I don’t have a lot of room to collect things. Maybe it’s a good thing that I don’t sew, huh? lol Not saying that I wouldn’t love to sew but for some reason, I’ve never been able to get past threading the needle on the machine. Ha! ha!

  3. P.S. I forgot to mention that you did a fabulous job with documenting your day here! Thanks so much for sharing it with us. (Hugs)

  4. Wow–so much eye candy! The ribbons are especially grand. Thanks for sharing.

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