2013-01-06 Looking smart

Another week of collages and I love, love, love this project! It is super fun to know where you should focus. It helps me a lot. Also it helps to do the big announcement of a 365 project instead of just trying to create “more” collages!

It was super-duper fun to read all your lovely comments on collages week 1! Thanks for letting me know which of the seven collages you liked best (and least)! Please let me know this week too? Hover over the image to know the title of each collage!

2013-01-07 lady on time

2013-01-11 Imagine keeping it

2013-01-09 Kitty Bitty

2013-01-11 Happy Butterfly to you

2013-01-11 globetrotter owl
Yes, I created three kind-of-white collages since last, but not in one sitting. Sometimes I need busy colour, sometimes I need calm (cream!). And when the week finished I was already one collage short, so yesterday when I came home from work I sat down imidiately and created two new collages. This is one of them:

2013-01-14 Birch and Beyond
Birch and Beyond… Love coming up with fun titles, at least most are fun to me. Some are secret messages, some are a play with words.

Which of these is your favorite – and why? Also, how is your project coming along?