It’s been a while since I showed something from my Art Journal. The reason is that I haven’t used it much these past two months, because I’ve been so busy. I’ve done a few fun doodles in my diary but not much else.

Lace tattoo and raw doodles

Except this spread, inspired by a prompt in Quinn’s book Raw Art Journaling.

Lines and arrows b/w

Quinn calls these confetti lines (description on page 72). It’s a simple doodle, drawing a few wavy lines across a page and letting them cross in a few places. The trick, says Quinn “is not to try to design something, but to let lines flow in a slow, easy way.” I was inspired by how detailed the description is while still giving plenty of room for explorations.

Arrows and colour - detail
Quinn suggests colouring the geometrics (the little shapes that is added where the lines intersect) with gel pens, but I decided to go over the whole page with water colours.

I also drew overlapping swirls on the same page.

Swirls - my favorite pattern
Quinn suggests drawing repeat patterns (page 74) that cover a whole page, and also using them as frames around your journal writing. This is something I’ve always loved doing. Back in school I covered a lot of lined pages in flowers, swirls or hearts. Swirls are a favorite pattern for me, and I’ve done them for years.

Swirls with colour
I coloured the swirls too, using watercolours.

This doodle exercise is from Quinn McDonald’s book Raw Art Journaling. I think you should check it out if you didn’t win it in my giveaway last week. The winner (Anna W) will receive her book soon. Thanks for sharing a little about your creative life with me in the comments there! It’s been so much fun to read all the 100+ comments!