Notebook Idea: Save Quotes you like

Quotes for a note book

Tip of the week: look for good quotes and save the ones you like in a notebook!

Faith in oneself is the best and safest course.

I just had this great idea when I was writing about blank pages the other day. It’s a small but inspirational thing you can do in your journals, to fill those blank pages ahead of writing on them…

Why not find quotes, like the ones I used in the post about creativity or other quotes you like, paste them into your word process program and change them into some nice free font that you’ve downloaded from the web, and then print them on paper (white or colored paper) and glue them into your blank journal pages!

When you keep writing in your journal you’ll find messages of encouragement and inspiration! Try printing on different kinds of paper too. I did white this time.

A quote in my journal

Just search Google for quotes on creativity and you’ll find creativity quotes and sites like, search for inspiration quotes and you’ll find sites filled with great inspirational quotes and so on.

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  1. That’s a really good idea. I should start a paper journal. I think I’m going to be bad to it because I will forget. I also like quotes printed on paper in my house. I have some quotes in my bathroom framed on the walls.

  2. I really love this idea – thanks so much! I already have a collection of quotes so it will be a great way to visit them more often :D

  3. OK. Enough is enough. I need to get a creativ journal. I am inspired. I will see if I can get one today, that would be nice. Thanks for all inspiration!

  4. I have used that quote page before to paint quotes on my painted furniture….my customers always loved it! Sometimes I will do lines to songs that I find inspirational as well!

    I know what you mean about the blog reading….it soaks up a lot of time….sometimes I only allow myself only one early morning a week to surf!

    MAN….I’ve got to finish knitting this tank top….summer’s almost gone! BAAAHHH!

  5. OH….I DID mention you this week in my blog….hoping the Collective Souls will find inspiration from your work!

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