As soon as I realize that something is vaguely familiar or commonplace, I flip a page and try again the push being to come up with something beyond what I know. Beyond comfort zones, or at least beyond what I am aware exists already. I try to come up with a little bit of difference. […]

If you keep pushing beyond what comes to you easily, and tell the mind, You can do better than that, it often does. It grows more flexible, and more playful.
Natalie Uhing *

Creativity makes me happy

Posting a little summary of recent inspirations. I hope you enjoy. If you visit these blogs leave a comment for them and tell them I said hi! :-)

I am not inspired yet by the World’s biggest summit arranged by Leonie, but I think I might be when it starts, so check it out and perhaps you wanna join too.

What are you inspired by right now?