Rose Ring

I love a quick fix of creativity every now and then. This is a ring I put together in five minutes and love soooo much.

To make it you’ll need one of those empty rings (found in craft stores) with an empty circular disc that you can glue things onto. And then something cute or fun to glue on top of it! I bought these very kitschy plastic earrings from the most amazing fake jewelry store in Stockholm. Just love the pink rose, but I don’t use earrings (and absolutely not big ones)… So I transformed one of the pink roses to something else! Yay!

1. Cut away the clips on the back of the earring.
2. File a bit if the metal has rough edges.
3. Get your glue out and stick the rose to the ring. The glue I used was a multi-component adhesive that dries super strong. Hold in place until it is dry and ta-daaa! You’ve got new, very unique (!) jewelry!

Instant gratification craft project done! Yay!

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What do you do when you want to do a quick craft project?