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I made my first Etsy Haul Video (scroll down to watch it). In it I am sharing some kawaii stuff that we Journalers and Stationary Addicts like. Pens, cute washi tape and a pack of stickers. It is not a big haul by any means, just a little something that I bought for myself but didn’t want to keep to myself.

Etsy Haul of Cute stuff [youtube video by @ihanna]

I want to share these items because they make me happy. I don’t really want to promote this particular seller, even though I liked her stuff, and I don’t want to promote buying in excess, especially things you don’t need. But since I myself enjoy watching “etsy hauls” and “sticker hauls” and “notebook hauls” (although most of those video hauls are massive and makes me wonder when are they ever going to use up all that stuff?) I thought I’d give the video genre a chance… I enjoy sharing as you might know, and these days I’m getting more comfortable talking too…

Super cute pens in iHanna's Etsy haul [click over to watch video]

I bought a few little items that I could not resist among the thousands of cute stuff that is available on Etsy and other shops online. It all started with me spotting the Unicorn and Rainbow washi tape. It is such a happiness concept that I have been craving some of it in my own little notebook. My happiness symbol in the past has always been the Blue bird, but Unicorns are everywhere these days, right? Gotta go with the flow.

Etsy Haul of Cute Stuff

I want to share these cute things because I am in love with them, and want to show them to you, not to make you jealous but to spread the happiness they give. I hope it works. Here’s the video, let me know in the comments here or on YouTube if you liked my goodies and this video.

I sometimes feel torn between being an environmentalist, aware that every purchase I do affects the world in a mostly negative way, and wanting to buy some of the stuff I really want. Do you ever feel like that? I would hate promoting consumerism to you my dears, because I know we already face that “buy more” pull from so many places, day in and day out, and I don’t need to add to that feeling. But on the other hand, I use washi tape, pens and stickers – and they make me happy.

And how can you be a business owner (I’ve got some stuff to sell to in my Etsy Shop even though most of it is from recycled materials) if you don’t want to promote buying and selling? I think living is hard these days, with these pulls to do good when you don’t even know how sometimes. I only wish that we all will become more aware of how our actions affect the world and try to not maximize our shopping sprees. To be conscious of buying less, owning less and when we can, keep using the things we already own over buying new all the time, especially when it comes to clothes.

But you absolutely should be able to spend your money on things you want, and even buy frivolous things – especially those that makes you happy in the long run when you get to use them: like writing tools, art material and cute stickers. Maybe without filling your houses or at times even buying more storage units. Yes, ahem, I just saw the documentary Minimalism - it’s on Netflix. You should watch it too, I insist. Then we can talk more.

Evidence Page of Cute Stuff bought on Etsy

So anyway. I love my new goodies, especially the metallic foil heart washi tape that shimmers so pretty in the light and the snail pen, all from Three Little Buhos on Etsy.

These are not even the only new stuff I’ve gotten this past months, so if you want to see more and would allow me to share “cute stuff” with you in the future, let me know. I’d hate keeping it all to myself…

Cute Stuff Etsy Haul, video and blog post by @ihanna #stationary #etsy

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  1. Oh what darling goodies Hanna! I would love to see more “haul” videos from you, You did a great job with this one and I love hearing your voice :) Thanks for sharing. The unicorn tape…. luv that! I liked seeing your journal and how you add bits and pieces along with the seller’s card.

  2. I’d love to see more as well. : ) Loved hearing your voice too on the video and hope you’ll do more of them!



  3. I love how you made such a thoughtful post out of even a haul video!
    But I did also go straight to look at that Etsy shop afterwards and favorited loads of things too ; )
    The unicorn tape is seriously tempting!
    I have an unfortunate ‘maximalist’ impulse for stationary and papery things for arting. I can browse etsy for ephemera for hours!

    You blog is SO awesome Hanna (and your instagram is instant happy / super inspiring)
    I’m so glad you decided to keep blogging this year!

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