Winter joy
Winter delight!

So what is a fountain pen then?

    A pen filled from an external source and containing an ink reservoir that automatically feeds the writing point. [From that has a great article about The History of the fountain pen]

After my post about my new fountain pen, this is what I’ve been looking at…

* Pen and pencil reviews – it’s fascinating reading about pens at DIY Planner. If you haven’t read a pen review recently you should go there now! It is amazing how much you can say about pens, isn’t it?

* The Pen Addict – a whole darn blog about pens!

Hello Kitty and pens is love too* I have The Lamy 2000 pen on my wish list together with these Hello Kitty Cap pens (Limited Edition Hi-Tec-C Gel Ink Pen – 0.4 mm – 9 Color Set!!!). I think I need this set for Christmas!

* High up on my wish list this year is one of those journal from German Pip Studio that Holly blogged about at Decor8! They are so pretty and very shabby chic! Truth be told; I wouldn’t mind getting a bed set or just about anything from Pip!! If you ever see the journals please let me know, I don’t think they are sold online and most defiantly not in Sweden! :-/ I like these journals so much because they are collage style I guess, they remind me of my own design on the patchwork journal and I think I need to experiment a bit more with journal covers next.

Pip Studio notebooks
Blank books from Studio Pip.