Collaged Postcards – this batch is done

Collaged Postcards are fun, both to make and send out. And so easy to make too. Making postcards is fun fun fun! Collage is awesome and making postcards makes me happy. How about you?

Collaged postcard

Magazine Collaged Postcards

To make postcards like these you don’t need a stash of collage papers or fancy craft tools. All you need is a magazine with some images that you like, a glue stick and a table to sit at.

I’ve collaged over some ugly but free postcards that I had in my stash. That’s a great resource if you don’t want to buy card stock.

Postcard collage

Collaged postcard

I could just sit all day and do this I guess. Postcards are such a great form of expression for the creative soul. I love how easy it is to start and finish one card, and I love finishing stuff. It’s a great feeling when one is “done”.

Then you just move on to the next thing of course…

Collage postcard

Collage postcard

Personal postcard collage

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Collage postcard

Now I’m off to bookbinding class. Let’s see if I ever finish a book so I can show you!

I host a Postcard Swap that you can join if you want to try to make some collage postcards yourself.

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  1. Thank you for the lovely comment on my blog. Hanna, the book will roll up and will fit inside the round cylinder! Does that make sense? Obviously the book will be soft bound and not very many pages. I am looking at making a small journal with about 12 pages and a soft cover! Linda:-D

  2. Hej!

    Vilken underbar skaparlusta du sprudlar av! Vill bli som du ;-)

    N?r jag t?gluffade f?r l?ngesen hade jag med mig en tjock bunt med gamla G?teborgskort, lim, hopvikbar sax, en tjock, rosa penna som det blev lack-blank f?rg av, osv… S? ?verallt jag kom s? skickade jag modifierade G?teborgskort till mina v?nner (med collage av diverse papper uppsamlade p? platsen jag befann mig).

  3. They’re great! What a nice way to while away the time – collage is one of my favourite things to do on a rainy, not-much-to-do day.

    I wanna see one of your handbound books – so do finish one soon!

  4. very cool collages. I love making collages. I’ve been looking around your blog and your shop you and your mom make great stuff. Found you on Whip Up. Keep the ideas coming. Adorable stuff!

  5. Oh, tjusigt! Jag tycker ocks? om att g?ra egna vykort av gamla tidningar och s?nt. Ofta s? blir de ju skojiga och myckte mer personliga d?. :) Den med fj?rilen ?r min favorit!

  6. Oh, I love these!!! marvelous job. I have been wanting to do this but never get around to it–have you done one’s with fabric also? anyhow, hope you have a great class and I can’t wait to see what you make next!

  7. I stumbled in here after finding traffic coming from you to Soul Food. Your work is totally inspirational and I would just love you to come across and participate in the Soul Food Community. Cool work!

  8. I just discovered your website and have added it to my favorites. You has such inspirational stuff here! I look forward to reading more about your creative adventures!!


  9. Your collage postcards are ART not craft. Just great. I have a whole stack of not so great postcards. Now I’m inspired to try to “improve” them.
    Thank you.

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