The Millenium Postcard Swap 2013

I got a bunch of half finished postcards from Natasha the other day and finally it was my time to add a third “layer” to each postcard before sending them off again. This Swap Idea was introduced to me by Tammy who invited a bunch of bloggers to join the swap.

Each of the six participants will receive a personal and special postcard, featuring her own chosen theme. Each of us will create in our designated “patch” on all of the postcards (created by Tammy)! What a super fun idea and awesome swap execution!

I looked through my folder of painted papers to decorate each card and this is how they turned out:

Orange Pie chart Postcard
Karen’s card: Pie shape + Orange theme

Orange Postcard detail
My layer looks very similar to the orange Natasha did, but the paint is actually iridescent, accented with yellow glitter and gold paint. And to highlight the long journey this card is traveling (USA-New Zealand-Sweden-US), my patch is painted on a Swedish school book page where some of the words show through.

Ocean Layers Postcard
Natasha’s card: Stripe design + Beach theme

A ocean wave coming in, painted on watercolour paper and then drenched in a spray of Turquoise Blue Glimmer Mist.

Wonderland Pathwork Postcard
Michelle’s card: Patchwork design + Wonderland theme

Wonderland Postcard detail

My idea of Wonderland is spring green, pink polka dots and sparkly glitter.

Happiness Layers Postcard
Tammy’s card: Stripe design + Happiness theme

When you are happy you want to sing, right? I picked a favorite among my own painted papers for this. It’s sheet music painted green and then spray painted pink (through a circle stencil). Happiness to me!

Roben-Marie's Postcard
Roben-Marie’s card: Patchwork shape + Circles, Dots & Doodles theme

Found a paper with spray paint marks (tiny tiny dots). I added doodled circles that I cut out and glued on. Three in one, yay! Mission accomplished!

This is how my postcard looks:

iHanna's Pink Patchwork Postcard
iHanna’s Pink Patchwork Postcard.

My patch is to the far right, with more of me; polka dots, washi and florescent pink acrylic paint. That’s was all the six cards, and here is a seventh:

Bonus card: Stripe design + Leaves + Trees
Bonus card: Stripe design + Leaves + Trees

I went with dots instead of leaves, but added a strip of deco tape to finish it of.

The team consists of: Natasha White, Karen of I Am Rushmore, Michelle of Lost Coast Post Roben-Marie Smith and I, Hanna. We each selected a design {the layout} and a theme!

Working on a small designated spot, on a specific theme, and doing it for someone else… what a challenge!

I’m super happy with all the cards, and now they’re already on their way to Michelle! I hope everyone will like the cards because it was really cool working on each of them.

hAPPy Valentine’s Week! More on hearts and such soon.