I love listening to crafty podcasts! How about you? And I find new ones all the time right now. Here are some of my suggestions on what you should be listening to, in case you haven’t heard about them yet. Let’s listen in.

Crafty Podcasts I listen to while on my floor studio, photo and blog post by iHanna

Like Brenda Daynes Cast on that I started to listen to this summer, and have been listening to since. I love her ironic, bitchy style mixed up with that enormous abundance of wit, charm and love of knitting. I started from her Episode 1 and went from there, long walks with Brenda in my ears and lots of knitting and paper cutting in the balcony this summer. I liked episode 1 best, and episode 3 least, but have to listen on since there is so much good in each episode – great (fun and new) music too! I’m just getting up to it now, at episode 38 which I listened to this week.
I just hope she’ll be back from her break soon and start podcasting again.

Must listen to Crafty Podcasts

I still listen to every single episode of Jennifer’s CraftSanity and Sister Diane’s CraftyPod. They have very diverse style, but both are inspiring, informative and fun.

A while back I found Creative Mom Podcast, which is a new favorite. I looove this show, even though I don’t have any children. I’ve been meaning to post about this for a long time now, and recommend you to listen to it. It is made by Amy Coven, who is a creative and sweet mom of two little boys. In her podcast she review books on creativity, gives great prompts, tell us what she is making and talks about what her boys is making and how they’re developing.

Amy has a great talent for story telling, and I feel like I’m there when she draws at the coffee shop or is looking for art supplies with her son at the big American craft shop (which I so want to visit). Sweet voice and lots to tell every week. Her show is about an hour, and I enjoy every minute, except maybe for some of her music choices (a bit like calming and slow radio show Lugna favoriter to me), but taste differs as you know. I just feel very inspired by listening to this show and then visiting the links Amy lists.

Making a new bear

Whip up posted about New on the Podcastscape last month, and I have yet to discover those listed there. I have myself more podcasts on the list of links, but the above mentioned four are a full hand right now. Or maybe I should say ear?

I also need to check out Scrappers Talk Radio and Primitive Craft Talk Radio (not in mp3-format) and…

If you need more recommendations, I’ve listed some favorites in an earlier post (from last year) and also in May and June this year. So I think I’ve made my share of commercials for the podcasting world (for now anyway).

Sharing the Good Ones

By the way, I hardly ever see any posts about podcasts you’ve listened to, and I wonder… Am I the only blogger who is addicted to crafty podcasts, or do others just not write about it? You should, tell everyone about your favorite this week – I think we should all spread the world about these amazing mp3-files that are available free to download – while we can!

The only one I’ve found so far is Edie from CowGirl53 blog who wrote Podcasts I listen to

Now your turn to share what podcasts you’re listening to below. And if you’re not – what the heck are you waiting for?