The Postal Service is one of those things that is essential to keep the world from not entirely stopping. So important, that it is kept open even when other things are closed down to hinder the spread of that pesky virus.

And Art, it is one of those things that is essential to my own survival. In combination, and in thinking about how much we all need both of these things, I have decided to open up the DIY Postcard Swap once again.

I hope you’ll join us in this DIY postcard Swap spring edition!

10 year of the DIY Postcard Swap - join the celebrations at iHannas blog

If you’re new to the swap, you should probably read the rules once before you join (and if you still have questions after that, I have a lovely FAQ to read through too), but I think most of my readers already know what this is about, right? Make 10 postcards, get 10 back in the mail. And this is, believe it or not, the 10th year I am hosting a swap of handmade postcards!

So please join now and let’s make this the biggest and happiest year yet!

DIY Postcard painted by iHanna for the DIY Postcard Swap | Hi from another princess #DIYpostcardswap

Maybe right now it’s more important than ever to send (virtual) hugs to each-other and celebrate our togetherness? Stay at home, make postcards – that’s our message this year.

Our 10th Swap Year

It was back in February 2010 that I posted about the very first swap, and that was the first event I ever hosted online as well. I was overwhelmed with the positive feedback I got, and even though it is very time-consuming it’s totally thrilling being the hostess of such a well-loved event. Thrilling!

Commenting on blogs has gone down as Instagram and other sharing platforms has “taken over”, but I keep blogging and the swap is still going strong. That first post announcing the swap has over 70 comments – imagine if that would happen today…

10 years anniversary of the DIY Postcard Swap #diyPostcardSwap


The DIY Postcard Swap (nicknamed iHanna’s Swap by some) has since it started never had fewer than 100 participants, at times double that. My brain can’t even process the amount of handmade postcards that has been created, sent and received as part of this swap by now. But to throw out another random number, I don’t think that it would be an exaggeration to say that we collectively have created over 20.000 postcards… :) Among them my rose postcards and mom’s roses from that first year, as well as a lot of batches of postcards that has been born since then, in Sweden and all over the world. In my collection I have so many beautiful do-it-yourself postcards from every continent of the world, and I love all of them.

Thank you so, so much for these 10 years everyone!

DIY Postcard Swap Anniversary Celebrations

For our 10th anniversary celebration I am planing to share my own postcard process in video-form, so this would be a great time to subscribe to my YouTube channel if you haven’t already as well as to blog posts so you don’t miss out anything! Just note that getting blog posts sent to you via e-mail is not the same as subscribing to the iHanna Newsletter. You should get both if you’re into what I do. And if you do get blog posts sent to you via e-mail, please click the header from time to time and leave a comment on the blog. This is how I know you are out there still, reading and being inspired by what I share…
My creation: the DIY Postcard Swap

I will also (try) to post some throw-backs, retrospective style, as well as post some other fun stuff on the blog. I had big plans for reaching out to everyone far in advance, but then the Corona virus and Covid-19 infested our world and my mind and nothing feels as it should right now. But as artists we should keep creating, right?

As artists we are put on this earth to create and make beautiful things. So I think that is what we should keep doing – maybe now it is more important than ever to keep at it? To send out epic art not pandemic fear… To keep ourselves sane, and also to connect, share and inspire the people around us that we can’t visit right now.

That is what the swap has always been about, so I hope you will consider joining us!

Let’s make DIY Postcards, mail art and send out some happy mail!

iHanna's DIY Postcard Swap spring 2020 - Join now! #diypostcardswap

A Short Note on the Pandemic Situation we’re all in, as it might concern some of you wanting to join the swap: Of course follow the instructions and new laws of your country, it goes without saying I think. Stay safe and only join if you can get your postcards to a mailbox on your own or with the help of someone you trust. As far as I know the virus does not cling well to paper, so we should be safe doing this fun activity – but use your own judgement. :) Let me know how you’re faring below.

10 year of the DIY Postcard Swap - join the celebrations at iHannas blogIf you could please help spread the word about this swap and our celebrations here, I’d appreciate it a lot. Share any of the graphics in the post to your personal Facebook page and appropriate group(s), to your own Instagram feed and stories, Flickr, make a YouTube video, post it to your mail art forum or Newsletter – or write a blog post about how you’re joining us if you are a blogger. If you do, please let me know by tagging me or posting the link below – I want to come see it.

Everyone is invited to the celebration party as well as the swap!

Dates: Sign up before 10th of May. Finish your ten postcards before 15th of May and be ready to send them out that week. It’s going to be epic! I can’t wait to see what you create this year!

Do you feel ready to join the swap?

PS: Feel free to use my Stay at home postcard backside if you need it – it’s a new, free printable.

PS 2: If you’re thinking something like: This sounds like SO much fun, but I can’t… can I? then please read: Please dont hesitate: You CAN Create a Postcard