Shabby Chic Roses on Mom’s Postcards

Our big pile (Photo by iHanna - Hanna Andersson, 2010)
10×2 postcards in a pile….

Both my mom and I went with roses for our postcards. Who can resist the look and feel or roses, even if they are only 2D? And we both went ahead and sewed in papers, though I added paper to fabric and mom added fabric to paper… Mom’s postcards are romantic pink roses in shear fabric, mine are cut out illustrations from a book on a base of paper cloth as you saw in yesterdays post.

Mom's postcards for the swap

Mom sewing into paper

Mom's postcards

Mom's postcards
She sew her fabric in place using the sewing machine, in a free form embroidery style, and then added decorative borders that her sewing machine has around the edges of all her postcards. Beautiful, right? Quite shabby chic if you ask me!

iHanna's Mom signing her cards YA #diypostcardswap
I told her any artist should sign their work, and so she did. I’m so happy she wanted to be apart of the swap.

Rose postcards #9 & #10 (Photo by iHanna - Hanna Andersson)
Two of her postcards that I scanned in for her. You can view the rest in the Postcard group on flickr.

Read more about the postcard swap and join if you want too here.

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  1. Oooh, your Mum is clever – these cards are beautiful! I wish I had a sewing machine so I could try something like this…

  2. “Rose! Thou art the sweetest flower
    that ever drank the amber shower:
    Even the Gods, who walk the sky,
    are amourous of thy scented sigh.”

    ~ Thomas Moore

    These are so very beautifully made. Thank you for showing us your technique!

    I am inspired!

  3. I was a lucky recipient of one of your mom’s beautiful postcards. It is even more lovely in person as the fabric is so shimmery. I love mine!!

    I sent a thank you email to her….I hope she received it.

  4. Thanks for your kind comments girls! And oh, such beautiful poem Genevieve!

    Donna, no she did not use a sticky backing, just another piece of cardstock to hide the seams – except the border it’s on both pieces to keep them together. No glue used even! :-)

  5. How lucky to have a mom who is also an arty friend!! Her roses are gorgeous. Happy creations ladies…xoxo tj in germany

  6. I was lucky enough to get one in the mail and they are so fun! I love the simple, basic idea of it and how she pulled it together with the great decorative stitching and the fun fabrics. She did such a lovely job! I really appreciate mine and plan to hang it on my wall!

  7. Oh my goodness! These are adorable! I’m going to be sorry I wasn’t in this little swap of yours!

  8. Oh, I was so lucky and received one of these! It is even more beautiful in person :-) Please tell your sweet mother thank you from me!

  9. These are so pretty and they are cheery. I like your inspiration board and that mosaic Friday! Your images and thoughts make my day. Thanks for being Hanna!

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