One hundred DIY Postcards bound for Sweden

I got over one hundred postcards in the 10th Anniversary of the DIY Postcard Swap this spring (and now the fall swap is open if you want to join in – and we’re still celebrating the anniversary year of course!). I think that is preeetty good for being a pandemic year, right?

DIY Postcards sent to iHanna in the DIY Postcard Swap spring 2020 - 10th anniversary year of the swap #mailart

Some of the postcards took two months (!) to get here from Australia to Sweden, others got here in big piles rubber-banded together from the US, a lot later than they would’ve “a normal” year. But they got here! If you know someone in the postal business, give them a big pat on the back from me. I’m impressed. I already know you guys make aaamazing postcards / mail art, but I was not sure we would get our postcards from one city to the next this year.

DIY postcards sent to iHanna, made by

Today I’m sharing 20 of the postcards I got, to inspire you to create your own ones and join the swap! The rest will be shared in upcoming blog posts!

DIY Postcard by Barbara, Germany
DIY Postcard by Barbara in Germany. Thank you Barbara!

Happy Mail Day(s)

Some postcard took their time, but… I got my first postcard from the spring DIY Postcard Swap within a week from sending out the addresses to everyone! It must be some kind of record as it was sent from abroad (Germany) earlier that week and reached Sweden so quickly. I think it was kind of amazing, considering everything this year has brought.

This gave me hope that the mail system was still working, in spite of the pandemic situation we’re all in.

Here are some more of the wonderful postcards I got. Thanks everyone!

DIY Postcard by Irene, the Netherlands
DIY Postcard by Irene, the Netherlands.

DIY Postcard Swap Thank you
This card is for me from someone grateful for the swap; Gilly in Cornwall, UK.

Thank YOU for participating in the DIY postcard swap that I host, and especially this our 10th anniversary year!

Thank you! 💕 /Hanna ( not Hannah ☺️)

Postcard by Anke in Germany - Happy 10 year anniversary DIY Postcard
Postcard by Anke in Germany.

This is a card from a swapper celebrating the DIY Postcard Swap 10th year (!) with me as the swap hostess. Love those bubble letters.

DIY Postcard from Carmen saying Be joyful though you have considered all the facts /Wendell Berry
DIY Postcard by Carmen, spring 2020, with a quote, that has traveled from from Zürich, Switzerland to me in Schweden.

It says “Be joyful though you have considered all the facts.” /Wendell Berry

DIY Postcard by Antje
A painted postcard from Antje in Austria.

DIY Postcard by Catherine, France
DIY Postcard made by Catherine in France.

DIY Postcard for iHanna made by Aimée, US
DIY Postcard by Aimée E, Austin, Texas, US.

Another Aimée sent this one:DIY Postcard by Aimee M
Pink and blue. A DIY Postcard by Aimee in Holland, US.

DIY Postcard by Mary
DIY Postcard by Mary U, in Ontario, Canada. It say “Your Kind Heart makes mine Happy”. So sweet, right?

DIY Postcard for iHanna made by Shawna, US
DIY Postcard for iHanna made by Shawna, US.

Spring song DIY Postcard by Erika, US
Postcard made by Erika in the US.

DIY Postcard for iHanna made by Janice K, California US
DIY Postcard made by Janice K, California US

DIY Postcard for iHanna made by Katy, US
DIY Postcard with dried flower petals, made by Katy, US.

DIY Postcard for iHanna made by Sarah Gardner, California, US
DIY Postcard by Sarah Gardner who shared her process in a video, as well as in a blog post that you can read here.

DIY Postcard for iHanna made by Leigh B, Florida US
Life is a beach. A DIY Postcard made by Leigh B, Florida, US.

DIY Postcard for iHanna made by Terry, Florida, US
DIY Postcard made by Terry, Florida, US.


DIY Postcard for iHanna made by Tonya, US
DIY Postcard  made by Tonya, US. “I make my own friends”.

DIY Postcard for iHanna made by Wendy H, Washington, US
DIY Postcard by Wendy, who has a YouTube channel where she share mostly Junk journals she’s made, check it out.

And last for today:

DIY Postcard for iHanna made by Julia, UK
A DIY Postcard made by Julia in the UK. Julia also shared a lovely blog post about it, called DIY art postcard tutorial using Brusho Crystal Colour – go learn more about these colors on her blog.

Oh, also the postal stamps I used this spring for my own postcards, were coincidentally made by a Swedish artist that you should all know and learn about if you haven’t already, Hilma af Klint (Swedish pronunciation: [ˈhɪ̂lːma ˈɑːv ˈklɪnːt]; October 26, 1862 – October 21, 1944):

Postal Stamps Hilma af Klint

I was thrilled to use another artist’s work as stamps on my own DIY Postcards, that’s always nice.

Let me know in the comments if you spot one of your postcards here, or if you found one or two favorites among these? I love them all of course. :-)

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Read more about the swap and join us, it’s not too late. And if you share about the swap on instagram, you can win a book about Swedish wool embroidery! Yay!

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  1. Wow! So many beautiful postcards! I also love the Swedish postal stamps. Yummy!

  2. Loved looking through these wonderful mini artworks. I will enjoy following up on several of the process videos. The Swedish art stamps are great. Keep up the fantastic work everyone!

  3. Thank you Hanna, for featuring my postcard! Wow! I can’t imagine receiving 100 of these beautiful cards! Really looking forward to another iHanna Swap! XO

  4. Thanks for sharing the inspiration! It’s always so fun to see what other people created for the Swap! Had so much fun with the Spring Swap again this year; looking forward to the Fall Swap in a couple weeks! Thanks again for hosting!

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