When you have to create something on a deadline, sometimes you feel stuck and can’t move forward. We sit and stare out in space and forget that we are allowed to find inspiration from others, especially with something so simple like the DIY Postcard Swap that I host (you can still join this entire week).

That’s why I have curated yet another five inspiring DIY Postcard videos today!

DIY Postcard Video inspiration x 5 for iHannas Postcard Swap

If you haven’t joined the swap yet it might be time to get busy!

And if you have already started creating postcards (perhaps inspired by me or any of the previous 5 postcard videos that I shared), then why not take a photo of your postcard progress and share it on social media using the official hashtag #ihannaspostcardswap – we’d love to see what’s up on your desk!

In today’s blog post I am sharing five more inspiring postcard videos that I myself have enjoyed this week. I hope you will like them, click on over and to give each one a thumbs up and why not also write a quick comment to let the creator know you appreciate what they are sharing? That is always appreciated.

If you have shared your postcards on social, let me know below in the comments. Maybe you can even make your own YouTube video of how you create DIY postcards? That’s what Patty did in her video “Making postcards for the iHanna post card swap”:

Patty Radish of Eclectic Art Journals shares her process of Making postcards for the iHanna post card swap with the world. I love that!

I always enjoy this kind of peek into someones process, and I even made a playlist called “iHanna Inspires Me” on YT where I will save videos made inspired by me. If you know of any that is not there just let me know and I will add them as well!

In Patty’s video I also loved getting a peek of all her cute ephemera containers and how she sorts her collage bits. So fun!

It is that time of year again…

Patty Radish of of Eclectic Journals has participated many times in the swap which she writes about in her blog post It’s that time of year again – and by “that time” she means DIY Postcard Swap Time of course!

Niamh Baly is another creative Youtuber that I’ve been following for years. She does a lot of colorful art journaling and mixed media videos, so I recommend anyone who likes my style to also follow her.

For her 100 day project she shared this video on how to make collage postcards:

Niamh Baly does a quick mail art collage card video – using National Geographic magazines as her collage fodder. Quick and fun.

The next video is a hand-stitching one, a very colorful collage postcard but made with fabric. I do think that you need some time to stitch one of these postcards up (and quite a lot of time to create ten for the swap), but let’s keep this idea for future reference, shall we? If you start now you will definitely have about ten postcards ready in April or so when the next DIY Postcard Swap opens up, and you’ll be all set to share the most amazing creations with the world… Just sayin.

Kool Kooky Kreatures on YouTube shows us how she creates a slow stitched fabric Postcard in this video, so that we can stitch up some happy mail!

Can you spot the colorful rainbow theme all these videos/cards has in common so far? It’s because it is I, Hanna, who are picking and choosing. I’m sure you could also find beige and vintage looking postcard inspiration on YouTube (because it’s everywhere) but for me, right now, I am craving bright, joyful colors.

Happy neons, bold patterns, fun mail art

Happy neon colors and bold patterns. That’s what I found from a new to me creator Kyra, who coincidentally shares how she batch creates her snail mail with lots of layers:

Deutsch creator Kyra Pace on Mixed media DIY Postcards as a Snail Mail Idea. Bright & happy!

Last but most definitely the longest video of the bunch, is Ceri Griffith, who demonstrates how to create postcard ephemera as he calls it. I guess the idea could be used as postcards just as well as journaling cards, tags or anything else that you want to keep for yourself in a journal or paper project, if you are not sending all your postcards out into the world as mail art.

Ceri Griffiths video is titled Lets make Scrap Busting Postcards in this video that is over an hour long.

That’s all the inspiration videos, not by me but by others, that I wanted to share today.

Join iHanna's DIY Postcard Swap Fall 2015 right now!

I hope you found these videos inspirational and fun to watch, and that you remember to share your own postcards with the world. If you’re not in the swap, you can still sign up!

If you are creating any kind of mail art or postcards, for my swap or any swap, always remember to take photos of your own postcards before you send them out! Take the classic pile photo and then maybe also a grid photo or even one of each postcard on a neutral or preferably a white background. It’s super fun to have in years to come, I promise you. Personally I would not remember all the many, many postcards I have created and sent away over the years if I had not documented them. I love that we can keep copies of the art we make even when we sent it away. Sometimes the digital age is a really, really good thing.

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