There’s so many awesome and fun things happening right now that my brain is about to explode! I’ve got the DIY Postcard Swap still open and people from all over the world are joining every day. Tomorrow I’m sending out a new Newsletter, and I just finished editing two videos (one more being uploaded tomorrow along with a free swap tracker I designed – I hope you’ll really love using it!) and today I’m launching my first giveaway for a very long time!
Giveaway on iHanna's blog RIGHT NOW #win #artjournal


Fun thing no 1: The Giveaway

By signing in and doing some fun activities in the app below, you will get “points” in the random draw for a hand bound, hard cover Art Journal called The Jardin Lime Journal. The giveaway is open until 21 October, and you can enter every day until then! Try your luck below (click here if you can’t see the giveaway app):

iHanna’s Art Journal Giveaway

Fun thing no 2: Le Jardin Lime Art Journal

A couple of years ago I made this pretty journal, and I haven’t used it yet for some reason. I’m thinking YOU should use it, so I’m giving it away. But before sending it of I thought everyone could take a look at the pages inside it together with me? I mean, a good flip through always inspires me a lot and makes me want to go create something! It’s a mostly empty journal of course, but the pages sewn into this book are “started”, some have collage elements, some have acrylic paint. I think you’ll enjoy working in this one.

Here’s the video of Le Jardin Lime Journal:

Art Journal FLIP THROUGH of Le Jardin Lime Journal by iHanna on YouTube (click the link if you can’t see the video above).

I wrote about this journal back when I made it here, and filmed the flip through back then, but as I’m editing video en masse right now I thought I’d share this here, to inspire you guys a bit more.

Fun things no 3: Take Creative Action

Wanna be more creative and make something with your time that will make you and others happy? I suggest one or more of these activities to activate yourself creatively:

Good luck and thanks for joining the giveaway and helping me grow my following a little this week. I appreciate your help. Come back tomorrow for your printable freebee thingie!

/Hanna in Sweden