Pink from India

Yesterday I got some beautiful pink fabrics from my friends who were in India over Christmas. I got a lot of pink silky fabric and a beautiful skirt with gold decorations. Amazing! I don’t know if I’ll ever wear it, but right now it is hanging on the wall in my bedroom! So…

This week, when not surfing for wall paper for my Dream Studio, I have seen some online movies at YouTube and other places. Here are some creative inspiration for your lazy Sunday;

  • Fun movie: Rose and Rust is a company owned by two women who makes a living on victorian romantic design.
  • Read online: Home magazine’s blog – if you can’t afford to buy all the magazines you want, you can search for their homepages, see tiny pictures and maybe find a blog to enjoy online
  • Restyle your furniture: Sofa covers – ahh, the Home mag lead me here.
  • Movie at DIY: Make a book with envelopes – looks fun
  • Movie time: I.Deas – I found this when searching for interiour design. It’s a episode about how you can decorate your home when you have kids or animals
  • Movie for quilters: Quilter’s News with tips on how to sew stuff
  • Lots of short episodes: Craft girls – how to knit, make jewlery and some other shows! Fun to watch
  • More movie: How to paint indoors fast and easy, some helpful tips.
  • Movie from CraftLab: Maya Brenner – use your beads and make a necklass
  • Studio pictures: Art Studio Pool – please go look and enjoy all the lovely studio spaces, and add your own if you like to. I just saw Camilla Engman’s desk there today and it looks lovely.
  • Decoration: ECO wallpaper – you can change the wallpapers in different rooms here. I can’t help it, I thought is was so fun! couldn’t stop clicking and looking how the room changed when the colours and patterns did. Lots of inspiration
  • Decoration: Bor?stapeter, click on Tapetgudien to see their collection on a wall.
  • Even more wallpaper decoration: Fiona walldesign – try out wallpapers, moods, music and furniture. Very boring wallpapers but fun web aplication.
  • Movie: Gröna rum – if I had a garden I would have this! Listen to Swedish and spring sounds. Mmmm!
  • Book: I’ve recently read Susan Sargent’s book Ett hem p? landet (New Country Color) from the library. Her style is not mine, but I adore how she wrote about moving to the country, starting a company and painting every room in the house several times! Lots of inspiration, colour and charm. I’d love to paint a cupboard in vivid colours just for fun some day! Searching for her I found her online at Susan Sargent dot com. I like her fabric Flower Twirl Rosie. I wouldn’t mind visiting her colourful store in Vermont either
  • And some laughs at the end: Laughing baby movie

Books from Russia

Today I got a couple of foreign art books from Maria. The images are lovely, I will scan some and cut out the ones I want to use in my collages. Love them.