… all of us have some level of creativity within us. It is part of our humanity. The real issue is exercise. Some of us exercise our creativity more than others. We all have creative potential.
Deanne Fitzpatrick *

Square Art Journal Collage: Livet p landet, by iHanna #artjournaling

Square Art Journal Collage: Livet p landet, by iHanna

Crafts to try

These are some of the things I would like to try during my life:

  • Painting on porcelain, like this. Making a mug for me, maybe with roses
  • Glass work – Making something with coloured glass
  • Weaving – a rug of my own in bright colours
  • Making clay beads [tutorial]
  • Making paper – I have tried this in school, but never at home. It is a simple craft, I just need to get a frame and some inspiration to try this craft
  • Felt something that I knitted – I just want to try this, maybe make a small bag or something, because I’ve never tried it
  • Wool felting – I’ve seen so many neat things around, softies and sculptures in wool fleece. I need to buy a needle and some wool
  • Spin my own wool and dying it too
  • Make a zine – write, edit, layout and publish a small paper about something I like or find interesting, because anybody can publish a booklet
  • Making a mosaic table with broken porcelain plates
  • Tropiska frukter Paint a cupboard in many different colours
  • Free form paint a tree or something else on a wall
  • Publish a craft book
  • Screen printing on a t-shirt, bag, cushion
  • Rug hooking – I have two books now that inspires me so much, but I haven’t found the time to investigate further yet
  • Design my own postcards to print and sell
  • Wood work. I would like to be able to make simple furniture like a shelf, a bench, a cat’s climbing tree or something even smaller. I like wood but I hardly ever use it
  • Make a fabric pattern that somebody would print
  • Stamp line
  • Decorate an old house from roof to basement with love, wallpaper, curtains and furniture
  • Have a garden where I can sit in the sun, plant roses and grow herbs

I come up with new ideas all the time, and find inspiration in books, magazines and blogs for new ways to be creative. These were in my head right now, I’ll add more when I find something new.

Collages are from my forth art journal that now is full!