Gluebook Monkey

The Gluebook monkey (Copyright Hanna Andersson)
The Gluebook monkey (Copyright Hanna Andersson)

I joined the Yahoo Mailing List Gluebooks (update: it does no longer exist) a couple of weeks ago, after reading about it at it’s creator the great artist Lisa Vollrath (the woman who wrote all those free articles about lots of mixed media stuff)!

Glue Book definition

Lisa’s definition of a Gluebook is that it’s just any book that you glue stuff (any stuff!) in. She uses hers because she hates to journal but still wants to catch the day in book form. I’m using my Perrella inspired Art Journal for gluing thing in right now. I don’t really journal that much in it, since I find it difficult to get the text to interact in a good way with the picture… Either I put too much colour so the text becomes invisible, or I put too much magazine images in so that there is no room for writing or I simply make something nice that I don’t want to scribble onto! *smiling*

I’m keeping a diary too (looking like this), on the side, but since I started the Art journal I’ve noticed that lots of other things (other than writing I mean) is creeping in there too, like illustrations, colours and ephemera of the day – they’re like a diary collage. Strange, but it looks much more fun now.

Oh well. Back to the Glue book group. I really recommend you to join if you’ve read all the articles at Lisa and want to get more (for free!). This list has some experienced artist talking glue, paper, material, inspiration, storing and collage fun. Plus, the members link list is great. I don’t think I’m breaking any secret laws by leading you to some of my favorite bloggers from the Glue Book list!

Inspirational Glue Book Blogs

So many stars – Kathleen Pequignot (no longer exsist:
The Accidental Artist – Persephone, in Pennsylvania
Whole Life Mastery – Angela in Nevada
On-the-banks-of-bay-creek – Dawn Smith

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  1. Why would I wanna sit here and work when I could be at home cutting and pasting! This gluebook thing has got me paralyzed with intrigue. Tack tack tack for sharing your web discoveries :)

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