Loving the pistil stitch

The pistill stitch

We’re on week 37 and this week I’ve made the 34th stitch of the year! Wow, right? The sampler is growing, slowly but steady. This stitch is called the pistil stitch, also known as long tack knot stitch or Italian knot stitch (and pistillstygn in Swedish). Now that I’ve learned how to do it (it’s just a french knot pulled down away from the needle) I don’t know how I’ve managaged to live (and make embroideries!) without it? It’s so cute, fun and easy to do.

I’m home with a cold this week so I’ve stitched up the #TAST (Take a Stitch Tueseday) already, in good time to post it before the weekend. Can I hear a yay for that too?

Flower in pistill stitch

This piece is on pink linen cloth that I bought recently. It’s going to be a staple-ware in my house from now on. It’s great to stitch on, and lovely to handle. I’m using my favorite floss, pearl cotton (8), though the green stitches is actually linen floss.

Yellow pistill stitches

TAST felt so boring to me two weeks ago, but now all of a sudden, it’s back to being great fun again. The ebb and flow of creativity I guess… Also check out previous TAST posts.

And stitch on everybody!

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  1. I love cross stitch, and have not learned how to do embroidery. Thank you for the links! You showed several notebooks you covered a few months ago, but I cannot find them. Do you remember the title of the post?

  2. Nice stitch – it has a dainty quality to it lending itself to those starry flowers and little sprigs. Hope you feel better soon. But at least the muse is in. xox

    • Thanks Corinne, I think the muse is much healthier than me. She gets more exercise, food and care! :-) And sprigs, that’s what they are! I love that word, so cute.

  3. I havent tried pistil stitch either…must give it a go! I love the green linen thread against the pink.
    Looking further down your blog posts I saw your photographs of food and the flowers in the first photo (with the strawberries) look like they are pistil stitched.
    Hope you’re feeling much better and getting over your cold.

    Jacky xox

  4. here via Jude forum…I started tast to but wayway behind
    I loved the color and the circles and stitch…there comes a story out of one of your coldnessbubbles..


  5. It’s so cute! I’d like to learn it!
    Thanks for sharing it and for the comment on my blog.
    Ciao :-)

  6. Oh Hanna, I am so glad you brought this stitch to my attention! Somehow, I have managed to miss it completely every single time I leaf through my stitch guides looking for stitches for the St. Nicholas embroidery. I have several tiny flower boxes to fill soon and this will be perfect!

    LOVE the pink linen. And you are right – stitching on linen is just heavenly. Your sample looks like happy stitches dancing!

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