Documenting a week of your life

I document my life all the time. I’m kind of obsessed with documenting life. I journal. I photograph. I blog. I write. I instagram. I create videos. I… well, you get the picture. I love documenting life, so this project called Week in the Life is something I’m really into.

En vecka  i livet av Hanna Andersson, en WITL photo book Week in the Life Blurb book

I’ve done this project for two previous years, and fallen in love with photography (even harder than before) each time. I have decided to do it again this year. In fact, I’m doing it along with a bunch of others next week already! So I wanted to share it with you today so that you’ve got a chance to join too. Maybe you need some time to prep mentally, but mostly you need to empty the memory card of your camera and re-load the batteries! Then get pen and paper, and add in some daily journaling and you’re ready to go.

If you’re at all into memory keeping and documenting life in any way, I think you’ll love this project. It’s simply about documenting a whole week with photos and intentional journaling, and then putting the elements you collect together into some form of book at the end. Maybe you want to give it a try?

I love this kind of project so much, and I already look forward to snapping a lot more photos than I usually do on a regular week (even though I snap a lot almost every week anyway).

Next week is when Ali Edward‘s will document her 10th year of Week in the Life and I’m jumping on again. I love the square book I made of this project in 2012, in Swedish En vecka i livet. You can check out some of the pages here, and back then I also wrote a tutorial on how to make a photo book of your own if that is something you want to try out. I love my Blurb books, and thinking about this I’m reminded that I never did a book for my second year of Week in the life which was back in 2013. Dang, how time flies… And that’s just another reminder to document how life is right now, next year you won’t remember all those yummy details.

Not sure if I will blog photos from this project next week or later, but in the meantime check out my previous Week in the life posts and let me know in the comments if you’re considering joining. How do you use the photos you snap?

5 Responses

  1. As you probably know, I’m documenting my weeks all year long in my “Chronicles” art journal for the sixth year now… but not so much with photos (although I do add photos in my Chronicles from time to time.) I stick to my own method but am curious to see what your week is going to look like! Have fun prepping, taking pics and creating it!

  2. This sounds like great fun! I have thought about documenting just ONE of my days, but a whole week sounds neat, too and you would def. see more in someones life that way… plus, what a treasure to look back on!