Can you imagine what I would do if I could do all I can?
Sun Tzu

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As you know I love to doodle, especially flowers. I fill pages in my notebook and I create doodled borders in a mindless and loose way. But recently I decided to doodle with a purpose on a bit thicker paper, watercolor paper in a pad. These doodles turned into little drawings, that turned out quite nice if I may say so myself. I had a lot of fun coloring them in using both markers and watercolors…

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I used my Promarkers again, and now I must say I liked them a lot more than at first. They work best on really thick paper, and when I decided to make my drawings into cards, to give to a few special people in my life, the backsides didn’t matter as much as it does when you draw in a notebook or journal.

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Drawing a card is really fun, and gives more meaning to those random doodles. And lettering is super fun too, when it turns out well… I made a card for my mom, one for my friend Jana and then another one, for my brothers birthday.

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I mostly used the Promarker pens for the background, filling it in once I had finished the coloring of the content.

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For one of the cards I used some white glitter, just a little hint for that special glam feel.

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I glued it down on a piece of pink cardstock, and called it finished. Tack för din vänskap, as this cards says, means “Thank you for your friendship”.

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I think there are more cards like these in my (and my friend’s and close family’s) future. Now, I would really like to make more and plan better for sending cards out for birthdays and special occasions.

How do you keep on top of making and sending cards in a timely fashion, or do you? I would love your tips on how you do it.