10 ways I am enjoying summer right now

You may delay, but time will not.
Benjamin Franklin

Cherries on the table photo by iHanna

I was just thinking that July sucked. That it brought mostly bad weather and boring, lonely and long days, but as I look back on my photos and notes, I see I am (mostly) wrong. There were some cherries on top of it…

It was a totally okay month, even though again, I did little blogging and a lot of lazy days. We haven’t had great weather, but I am still going to say that I am trying, really trying, to make the best of my days. So in my diary I’m going to write a Good things I did/experienced during July today, and here with you guys I’m sharing 10 ways to enjoy summer. Do it now, while it lasts.

10 ways I am enjoying summer right now

iHanna Loves this Short and sweet road trips

iHanna Loves this Making quick videos to save summer for when winter come

iHanna Loves this Finding my way back to reading novels

iHanna Loves this Snapping a lot of photos of nature

iHanna Loves this Enjoying my handmade Traveler’s Notebooks, and filling them

iHanna Loves this Cut and paste, of little things into little notebooks

iHanna Loves this Taking a break from my regular blogging schedule, but also planning for what I want to do and share this autumn

iHanna Loves this Sleeping with an open window, every night

iHanna Loves this Meditating again, after less for a couple of months

iHanna Loves this Painting my nails in summer colors.

Little simple things. Trying to make each day count, even when the day can’t be made a perfect summer day. Simple things do help make a rainy summer a little better, one step at a time. Simple things are the cure of all.

Feel free to let me know below how you are doing this summer, I would like to know.

Thanks for reading!

10 Responses

  1. I had completely forgotten, in the midst of all those storms, that I had meant to practice my video skills.

    Maybe I should get to it this week since I’m not allowed to sweat due to having allergy test patches put on today!

    • Hi Pia! Yes, summer is perfect for capturing little snippets of life in time capsules – to watch in winter when you need to be reminded that it will not always be that cold! :-) I hope you’ll give it a try, because it is so much fun to play with.

  2. Sprained my ankle in early June, which squashed a lot of plans for housepainting, both inside and out. Vegetable garden suffered too because I was hobbling around in a brace. But now I’m on the mend and am going to plant fall crops in my garden today. Just came back from vacation, where I happily scored a huge collection of vintage postcards for very little money!

    Hope you have a great month of August!

    • Oh no Aimee, I hope you’re feeling better and that the sprained ankle is healed by now, and that you’re having fun with re-purposing those postcards into something new and fun.

      Wishing you the best right back at ya!

  3. I love reading your posts Hanna, although I don’t always comment.

    Before I get up everyday – I lie in bed and I think of three things I’m grateful for….. it helps get the day off to a positive and happy start.

    Karen x

    • Thanks Karen, that is so sweet of you to say. I haven’t been blogging as much as I usually do, but I think I’m kind of longing to get back into it now, so we’ll see if I post more often soon. Also, I agree, gratefulness is an awesome practice.

  4. I stumbled on your blog and love the variety on it. I’ve worked with a variety of mediums in my art over the years. I enjoy seeing what other people are doing creatively.

    • Thanks for coming by my blog Barbara, and leaving me a comment – I appreciate it. I too love to take part of other people’s creativity: from the process to work area, ideas, and finished process – and of course, the thoughts that go into all creative work. Isn’t it just awesome how we can share it online these days? :-)

  5. Can’t wait for Summer – the days are starting to be sunshiney after crisp frosty mornings – hints of spring in the air here. I find this time of year is my down-time for blogging/creative projects so maybe we will both be more productive as the year changes seasons for both of us :-)

  6. I love how your attitude changed from “July sucked” to “here are 10 things that were really pretty great about it”! Every time I find my way back to reading novels, it brings me a lot of pleasure. Read on! :-)

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