I’ve got sunshine on my mind
I go out and feel alright
The rainy clouds are gone away
And this is why I feel this way

Strawberry World Cup
Strawberries in a bowl, fresh from the garden patch.

Garden shadow
Flowers growing so high I have to look up at them.

Summer reading
Enjoying novels and lazy days by the sea.

Car view of Sweden rolling by, photo by iHanna
Being in the right spot, enjoying the view from where I am – on most days.

Stretching Cat
Being taught a new yoga pose: stretching cat. Feels good.

Cactus in bloom
Wondering in amazement: is this blooming in Sweden? Is this heat possible?

Sunshine lace
Noticing patterns on the ground, like this sunshine lace.

Sunset from the island Elba, photo by iHanna
Like I said, being in the right spot, enjoying the view.

I am going out again now and it feels alright.