In my Embroidery group, the Crazy Embroidery Ladies, we get a little kit of things to use up when we’re on summer leave. This summer we got a kit to make a ATC Embroidery.

Summer ATC

Last year’s “summer embroidery kit ” became a huge wall-hanging that I call The Dixieland Tree. This year I was hoping to work on a few projects and suggested something smaller, like Artist Trading Cards, for my Embroidery Group. We all agreed it could be a fun thing to try, to embroider an ATC! This is mine, made with the green fabric and thread I was gifted:

ATC from the Summer Kit
I had enough of green fabric to make a second one, taking the beloved “mixed media” approach this time.

ATC by iHanna

I love the layers and the texture of this second one made from a mix of bits and pieces from my stash. Angelina, sheers, lace, silk and little stitches of embroidery.

ATC by iHanna

Making these ATC pieces takes time, even if they are small. I will not offer them up for trading because I want to keep them as samples of my work. As little pieces of memory. Summer time feelings and texture trials.

ATC Embroidery

My creative mom has already made several and started her own collection in a business card binder. She is much more productive when it comes to embroidery than I could ever be. I’m always distracted by paining, writing, blogging and other projects big and small. Mom made me a special ATC for a trade I suggested we do. She finished hers before I even thought about starting mine, so I need to keep working on one for her. It will reside in her new ATC collection as love token from me.

My own ATC collection is huge as I used to trade collaged ATC’s a few years back through flickr, one for one in pretty envelopes. These two are my first adventure into embroidered ATC’s though. It was fun. I will make more ones.

ATC by iHanna

ATC embroidery is perfect for train travel, and beach creating. It’s practicing “mixed media embroidery” to me. I want to learn how to make textures and colour combinations that feels like my style, like iHanna Art. That is what I’m striving for right now. I aim high, and I know I will get there someday. This is just the beginning. A tiny embroidery step for me, a huge leap for… hmm… mankind. ;-)

** Previous embroidered artist trading cards