Pink Box of threads (photo copyright Hanna Andersson)

Mindfulness of breathing is one string on which the beads of perceptions, our impulses, our understanding, our very consciousness can be threaded. The necklace created is something new – not a thing really, but a new way of seeing, a new way of being, a new way of experiencing that permits a new way of acting in the world. This new way seems to connect what seems to be isolated. But actually, nothing is ever isolated and needs reconnecting. It’s our way of seeing which creates and maintains separation.*

I’ve finished reading Wherever You Go, There You Are by Jon Kabat-Zinn and it goes up on my list of absolute favorite books and will stay there. The “rough cut” edges adds to the books beauty, as does the short chapters, the title and the guiding it provides.

Mindfulness: Wherever You Go, There You Are

Kabat-Zinn writes beautifully and poetic about mindfulness, meditation and other such important things in life. I have been reading it slowly to make it last.

He also describes how your personal meditation practice will make you a happier person. There is something with a open heart that I have felt for real these past weeks. It’s amazing. He has the words for the things I am “getting” more and more these days, and I love that! It makes me feel grateful and gentle. It’s like he is explaining my “aha moments!” to me, or at least he is putting words to some of my thoughts. Every time I pick it up I feel inspired to try more, practice more, be more. It’s a book that you should own and re-read all year around.

Green Threads (Copyright Hanna Andersson)

Suzi Blu was on day 26 yesterday and on 27 now, of her daily youtube videos. She has inspired me to do morning pages almost every day for two weeks now, which is also a way to find yourself. I watch every video she puts up, because I consider her another guru person in my life. I like it best when she looks straight into the camera and does her talks.

They feel like a modern way to do a dharma talk to the people. The guru here is an art goddess and her monks are the art girls scattered around the world, wanting to be seen, loved and acknowledged. With SuziBlu’s permission we can all be artists, and if we learn from her attitude instead of attacking her we will become stronger, more independent and take crap from no one!

I know I want to join her new site in June for mere 10 dollars and try to do some more Art Journaling, painting and creative play this summer. You should join to, and we’ll play together. All of us!

Wood spools (Copyright Hanna Andersson)

If you are in need of some inspiration I recommend a visit to Kelly’s blog where she posted another pen list and then to DaisyYellow Tammy who posted about Creative experiments. She also suggest you start planning for your summer, make a project Idea List for your kids or yourself! Making a list you say? I’m all favor of that.

Hjula ?r inte att st? p? h?nderna (Copyright Hanna Andersson)

Thinks I want to do

On my list for this summer is;

* woodcarving with Maria
* free-form embroidery
* painting on wood (with wax if I can find it)
* sewing clothes (dresses!)
* start filling my hand bound art journal
* joining a embroidery club
* paint with suzi blu (online)
* ordering a pile of books from amazon
* joining a photo walk in Stockholm

In Tammy’s post I found me some great links! I was reading through the wiki-how on How to exercise an open mind yesterday, and even though it kind of already is how I live my life I love this list and the thought of having an open mind. Or to be even more open minded… I want to try. It’s not a thing you can decide on, but it is in the constant practice. Every day you try, and then you forget about it and come back to the practice again… Over and over again.

I added the article to my list of recommended reading that you can subscribe to (if you want to keep track of my open mindedness and how it grows and expands and grow with me), and decided to try a few new tricks. Today I started writing a bucket list! The list should consist of things you want to accomplish before you kick the bucket. As I understand it its not a list of your life goals or things-to-do, but a more fun list of things to try… Maybe it’s your own Open-Mind-List of things that sounds interesting to you? Mine is short right now, but I will keep adding to it. One of the things I want to learn is handstand! Cool party trick and great exercise in one – so why not? It scares me to try, but with some helping hands today I did! Yup, stood for a few seconds but not with any balance. I’m a long way from standing tall though, but I will keep trying this summer.

So, don’t forget to be mindful even if you’re super busy!

Writing a Bucket List for Summer

What is on your Summer Activity List? Now is a good time to start planning.
And do you have a Bucket List yet? What are the things you still haven’t tried but dream of? Silly little things, like handstand or big things like painting with Suzi IRL?

Maybe you could start one at your own blog and see where it leads you… Share any thoughts below. Thanks!