Gone fishing
Gone Fishing – Not!

I doubt you imagine me sitting outside for hours fishing, huh? And you’re right. I rarely do. Instead, if I am going fishing I go for the fika and to be outside in the sunshine. And I bring a book…

Out reading

A good book like this one; Half of a Yellow Sun. And this summer, I have also been carting around a little piece of scrap paper. Leftover watercolour paper that I store inside the novel I’m reading. It’s left overs from cutting some of the many 365 collage canvases. And a pencil, so I could doodle while out and about!

Fishy drawing

I doodled an angry little fish. He wasn’t that happy about being disturbed by us humans… When I got home I coloured him with watercolours.

Do I look stupid

Lovely days outdoors, but no fish to bring home. Because fish…

Not a stupid Fish

…are not as stupid as the look! ;-)