Stamping Patterns with Found Objects

Making hand made patterns with Found Objects is always satisfying and fun. My most recent explorations into stamping on fabric involved a garden hose stump found in the grass, among other things…

Garden hose Stamp

I used the end of the garden hose stump to stamp circles, and couldn’t stop. It made such a pretty pattern! I liked the irregular perfect circles, if that makes any sense… I mixed black circles with neon pink circles in a big batch of awesome. The result as a whole is cool looking. It might end up in a sewing project or as a backdrop for embroidery perhaps…

We also took the time to saw a striped pattern into a piece of wood, which was extremely time consuming because hand sawing is hard, especially on such a tiny surface and with such a stupid saw! If I have the chance to visit a real wood work shop I’ll make more but for now this is it!

Anyway, the wood stamp turned out great and with it you can make another kind of awesome pattern…

Handmade wood stamp

Using the wood stamp is equal fun but a hell of a lot quicker than creating a pattern with the hose stamp! But fabric spray paint and stencils are even quicker, if that’s what you’re after…

Stencils and stamps fabric

I don’t own a whole lot of stencils or good fabric stamps, but the ones I have got out on the table and used many times.

Fabric painting station in the Garden

From the silly kid’s stamps I only liked the sun, so I used that over and over to make another cool pattern. I also just like smudging, mixing, and staining fabric, to see what I get.

Neon Pink Fabrics drying

To some it looks like trash, but I feel confident it will all get used in some way later on. For now it’s dried and folded into my stash, along with the Sun Printed fabric. Waiting for yet another rainy day.

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  1. Oh my gosh! I’ve been stamping too! I don’t know why I never think to stamp on fabric. Great post:)

  2. That reminds me of a method we used as children to stamp fabric. We made stamps out of potatoes. Cut them in half and carve whatever form you want, or even simpler, use those cookie cutters to cut out stars, trees, hearts, flowers, whatever you have! Just press the cookie cutter into the potato and remove the parts of the potato outside the cookie cutter. I can’t remember what paint we used, but we applied it with a brush and them stamped patterns on fabric.
    I had forgotten about that, thanks to your post the memory came back! I have to try that again :)

  3. I have a feeling that an old hose could be useful for thousands of artistic projects! I like the imperfect circle print you’ve created.

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