Art Journal Peek | Painted Patchwork & White Flower Pattern

Art Journaling: Grid Pattern

Hi, thanks for stopping by and being part of my creative journey! This page is a more or less even, continues grid pattern that I enjoyed filling with watercolours. A painted patchwork maybe? I love grids, any kind of grid. I made it while away on my Journaling Vacation.

Here is the full spread:

Art Journaling: Patterns and Doodles
Art Journaling: Doodles for fun

I started to paint the background behind the flowery doodles green. But now I like the contrast, and will keep the flowers white. Sometimes simplicity makes me happy.

Art Journaling: White Flowers

Another page in my Art Journal has a list of things I enjoy, and is very pink:

Pencil writing
Pencil drawing

It’s been a summer of Art Journaling, just like I wished for. Have you been creating patterns of some sort this summer too? My journal is full of them right now. The grid above is also part of Tammy’s Daily paper Prompts (#38). Let me know if you make one!

At what time of the year do you do create the most?

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  1. Love all those cheery colors! Your post was a beautiful stay for my morning!

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