I enjoy looking at other people’s beautiful photos in full size, and I hope you do too. In today’s Eye Candy I one again go back to my May visit to Gotland, the Swedish island that is so full of beauty both inside the wall of Visby and the surrounding countryside.

Pippi Longstocking Fence
Yellow Magnolia in Visby
Frog Pond in Visby
And I love frogs, any kind.

Some growing moss
It's in the crack that the light shines through
Red Geranium Skolhuset i Östergarn
Not Africa
Growing things
tulips and patterns

My idea of making a photo book of these photos is not really progressing right now, because we have more sunshine than rain this summer. And when it’s summer, you enjoy summer – because it is short and the days of the dark winter is long. Photo editing will come later. I hope you’ve got good weather too!