The ringwall in Visby

Visby is the capital of the island Gotland. It’s my favorite Swedish island, because the landscape is so beautiful and special. Visby is a super cute little town surrounded by a ringwall (ringmur in Swedish). I’ve been on the island for a few days, on a craft adventure with some friends.

Spring in Visby

It’s been the best weekend in for ever! The first few hours we spent inside of Visby. I love taking photo of architecture and beautiful houses.

Dove house on the ringwall in Visby, photo by iHanna

The ringwall in Visby was likely begun in the 13th century. Around 1280 it was rebuilt to reach its current height, along with the addition of its characteristic towers (although some towers were not constructed until the 15th century) It is part of the World Heritage 731 in Visby.

 Ringwall in Visby, photo by iHanna

Ringmurens Kiosk
Mot Almedalen

Ringmuren ingĺng // The ringwall gate in Visby - photo by iHanna

Bike parking at the ringwall in Visby photo by iHanna

In the summer the streets are filled with tourists, but this early spring we were quite alone and it was lovely. If you ever have the chance, visit Visby and Gotland. It’s awesome! ;-)

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6 Responses to The ringwall in Visby

  1. Trekky says:

    That looks beautiful and very idyllic. Maybe I will get to visit there one day.

  2. What incredible views. I don’t know what “gottgluggen” is but it makes me think of ancient gods lifting a few glasses of cheer–and I want to visit!

    • iHanna says:

      Thanks for leaving a comment! Gottgluggen is a great name for the kiosk booth actually. Gott is “yummy” for candy, and “gluggen” is small opening or porthole, like it was something peeking through the wall… I just thought it was very cool with the modern look and the ancient behind it…

  3. Marit says:

    Oh my goodness… an island? And it looks like this? If I visited I probably never leave again… it looks like ‘home’ to me!

  4. yvonne says:

    Hanna – I visited Gotland many years ago – it is a beautiful place – I have lots of wonderful memories from there. Thank you for bringing them back for me.

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