Ruby Porto

Nutritions – and I don’t mean (only) food. I mean all the things from the nutrition circle, like sunshine, books, stories, and such…

What I'm reading

For instant, I’ve just finished reading The Passage by Justin Cronin and OMG! Otherworldly kid and virus vampires in a dystopian future where the human race is almost erased… Where everyone is afraid of the dark, because that is when they are coming… If that sounds like something you could read (and read and read and read) too, get it. I feel like I couldn’t breath properly for the two weeks the 800-pages lasted, but now I can’t wait for the next one…

To me, books are a must, just like food.

New novels April

That is why when I had a discount on English paper backs, that ended up not being at all cheap. Already finished John Green’s The Fault in Our Stars, which was a great (but sad) read about a girl who has cancer since she was a kid. Sad, but also beautiful and very romantic.

I also got (won!) Aimee Ray’s new book Doodle Stitching, but haven’t had much time to browse it yet because I’m making an embroidery book myself. It’s the board of Sweden’s Embroidery Guild who is making “a small book” of 200 pages, featuring 92 storytelling embroideries by our members. I think it will be a very nice book full of stitching inspiration and close ups, but doing the writing and layout has consumed most of my time lately. In June there will also be an exhibition, and yes, one of my embroideries will be in it.

What are you reading for nutrition – or inspiration?