I have started reading Harry Potter och Fenixorden (5:th book in the series, I’m reading it in Swedish) by J.K. Rowling. Again I’m fascinated by how she captures me, not from the first page but from the second chapter I’m totally hooked. The only thing I want to do now is to keep reading, reading, reading…

Keep calm I'm a Hufflepuff

The Harry Potter Success

I think that Rowling’s winning concept is part due to:

  • The thriller style of her writing – she tickles us with all these exciting things we just need to find out more about. Little details (or droplets) and clues that are not explained in the text – but you know you’ll find out more about them – soon.
  • The magic details – All those small things that are woven into the story. For me it’s not the giant dragons or black magicians that are the coolest ever, but the small details of magical incidents… Like the candy with different tastes, wall hangings with motifs that move around and in this volume, the big cleaning of the old house where some “bugs” have moved in… They’re magical little doxy faeries that has moved into the curtains and Mrs Weasly gives her troop of teens a spray that will take them down but warns everyone for their evil bite. It’s hilarious!
  • The feeling of recognition – their society is built exactly like ours, only magic. There is the bank, the corruption, the gossip media and their lies, kids that long for collector cards and chocolate frog candy. There’s the school with bullying, friends, and the constant battle between good and evil (it’s not as clearly defined in our world, but I’m sure you know it’s a constant battle here too?).

And the more I read the more I want to interpret Rowling’s ambition to be about discussing racism.
After 200 pages in this book I presume: Voldemort = Hitler, right? All mugglers should be extinct to purify the magic race…

BTW, If I were to attend the school of Hoggwarts I would most likely end up with the Hufflepuffs. They are loyal but rather scared, according to The Sorting Hat, who says:

I’m a Hufflepuff

Congratulations on making Hufflepuff!

You’re one hard-working, loyal, compassionate little thing, aren’t you?! Well, there are some good things, and some bad things about that. Bad things first, so after you’re let down and crying your eyes out, plunging into a state of depression, I can cheer you up with the better facts. Bad thing, your house has a horrible rep for being a bunch of wimps. Sorry. Good thing, it’s not quite true. You’re tough! It’s hard to be loyal! And remember, Hufflepuff is you! Don’t be ashamed of yourself, mmkay?

Update 2020: Translated this blog post from Swedish to English.