DIY Postcard #6

Don’t look now if you’re in the swap and want suprises in your mail box – but I can not wait to share more of my postcards! I looove these DIY Postcards, made in the same way as the blue one. Acrylic paint in layer upon layer!

DIY Postcard #5

After I cut the painting into four pieces I added some (very few) collage elements. After three days I knew what was missing – some words! So I went to look for a vintage English-Swedish thrifted dictionary that I knew I had in storage. I found it and cut out a word for each card!

Above Send (yes I will) and Sensibility (meaning: an acute perception of or responsiveness toward something, such as the emotions of another – fitting for a postcard, right?)

DIY Postcard #7

Spree – a fun word I’ve never used but now love and will look for ways to use.

DIY Postcard #8

Making postcards is fun, fun, fun!

Yours sincerely

PS: Sign up for the DIY Postcard Swap if you haven’t yet. It’s a very international swap as usual – with folks from Italy, Sweden, Slovenia, Germany, US, UK, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Norway… and on and on!