2013-03-16 DIY Typography
DIY Typography, anyone?

Typography (from the Greek words τύπος (typos) = form and γραφή (graphe) = writing) is the art and technique of arranging type in order to make language visible. Typography Collage might be the art of arranging words so that the aren’t that easy to decipher…

At least that’s what I find interesting about this type of collage. Using specific words together with nonsense letters cut out of their context. In the end – what does it really mean? To me it’s aesthetically both pleasing, interesting and fun!

What do you think?

Typography Trip
Typography Trip

Week 11 is the second post of collages this week, but after major computer problems (now fixed) I am catching up on scanning for project 365 Collages. Hope you don’t mind… Next week it’s already week 13 and then I’ll be on track posting collages from this week. Yay!

2013-03-18 It's a Typo
It’s a Typo

Playing with typography like this is one of the exercises in Plowman’s book. I love typography – and now I know I love to cut it up too. These reminds me of a crusade called text messaging

2013-03-21 Typical for Girls
Typical for Girls

I thought I could make seven black and white collages – but after just two I had to mix it up. I simply couldn’t create seven small collages in a row without some colour… I guess that’s just the way I am.

Collage: Together

2013-03-21 Type it Down
Type it Down

The English typography is from a old Vouge mag that Stephanie once sent me. The typography in it is perfect. I knew I was saving it for something…

2013-03-21 In Her Space
In Her Space

Let me know if you try b/w – and which of these you like the best. Thank you!

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