Crocheted Pot Holder thrifted for the Art installation by Anu Tuominen, photo of iHanna in Color from the blog

I am a lot of things. There are many words that describe me, who I am, what I do, and what I’m into right now. Here are a few of them, in no particular order.

I am…

…tender, careful, iced coffee, late nights, paint stains, pretty papers, filled notebooks, patterns, polka dots, beer, washi tape, neon pink, stars, ring binders, popcorn, movie nights, typography, writing, altered books, ink, a big sister, raw, happiness, love, obnoxious, kind, quirky, turquoise fingernails, instagram, layout, published, editor, journalist, blogger, friend, seeker, poet, awesome, an artist, fountain pens, tired, glasses, green eyes, thinker, scissors, miniatures, art journals, canals, twinkling lights, projects, creativity, life, nature, vintage books, flea markets, soft rain, transparent, secretive, blazing sun, bubble gum, new words, lists, ideas, breakfast, documenting, animals, beads, daily meditation, crafts, stupid delays, wordpress, sorting and categorizing, internet entrepreneur, sweet, romantic, short, independent, strong, learning, toys and softies, crazy, inspired, flower power, sharing, doodler, glue books, quote collector, photographer, geek, mixed media embroidery, teacher, yoga, diary, stickers, feminist, reader, podcasts, rainbows, procrastinator, cousin, knitter, cut and paste, hard to describe, mysterious, loud, introvert, social, paint brushes, book binding, glittery, red wine, travels, board member, biker, skirts, art exhibitions, hearts, iphone, recycle, library, artist, mail art, lost, found, myself.

I am all of the above, and lots more.

This list was inspired by my post Words about me from 2007. What words define you, and what words are you about? I’d love to know. Post a link to your words below!